Easy Holiday Cookies for Busy Families

Growing up, when it was time to make cookies for the holidays, I’d always start with a lot of excitement and gumption. I’d tie on my apron, stand on the slightly off-balance black and yellow stool my mom had so I could reach the counter, and then I’d get to work. About five minutes into the whole measuring and mixing ordeal, I’d get ridiculously bored. I’d throw my apron off in a fit of passion, and I’d leave the kitchen for my bedroom where I’d proceed to take a glorious nap. Then, I’d wake up hours later and eat the fruits of my mom and brother’s labor. I wish I could say I was exaggerating, but I’m not. Baking cookies always sounded so great, but then there was just too much involved. That, combined with the nice warm oven on, always made me sleepy.

But now that I have kids of my own, I desperately want that special time together. It’s ironic that I actually like being in the kitchen, and I don’t even mind baking anymore. The problem is that now with two kids under 3 years old, I don’t have time for all the precision that has to go into baking. Not only that, but I’m not a patient person, so my patience wears off rather quickly when I’m trying to do something Pinteresty (like a happy Kodak moment) with the kids in the kitchen.

Easy Holiday Cookies = A Happy Mama & Kid

easy holiday cookies1

What’s my point to all of this? Betty Crocker. That woman was a genius, and her tag line should be: Helping moms look good for more than 90 years. I was shopping the aisles of Publix when Julia exclaimed very matter of factly, “Mama I sure needs some cookies.” Right, I thought, like we really have time to whip up a batch of cookies. And then Betty came to my rescue with her cookie mixes in a pouch.


The only mixing involves egg, butter, and water, and we can do it all in one bowl. I was sold. Betty Crocker, my friends, is the answer for how to make easy holiday cookies for the busy family. More importantly, it made my toddler happy.

Easy Holiday cookies2

Armed with my new bag of sugar cookie mix, I found a recipe for giant Christmas tree cookie online, and figured it wouldn’t be too hard to make. Besides, Julia’s been obsessed with decorating Christmas trees this year, so I crossed my fingers this cookie would entertain her for more than 2.5 seconds. I was right. Making it was a cinch, and the hardest part was having to hear her say, “Can I decorate my tree yet?” repeatedly during the entire 30 minutes that it had to cool before decorating. But once it cooled, and once I put the icing on, she had a blast.

easy holiday cookies3

Side note: if you’re a more patient mom than I am, by all means: let your kid put the icing on. Mine would’ve gotten it everywhere, so while she was going potty I very quickly iced the tree. By the time she got back from the bathroom she was extremely impressed that the tree wasn’t naked anymore. “It was holiday magic,” I told her. See, I told you, Betty Crocker: Helping moms look good for more than 90 years!

easy holiday cookies4

Decorating the tree was actually pretty fun. Except for putting on a few mini marshmallows, she did it all herself. I cringed a little inside and it took every ounce of will power to not take the “ornaments” off of the tree trunk, but other than that, it went really well, and I was impressed with how hard she tried to decorate her tree!

Everyone Loves Cookies!

When I was at Publix I also picked up a bag of Betty’s Peanut Butter Cookie mix. (By the way, I can totally call her Betty, right? I feel like we’re on a first-name basis by now), and a pack of Ziploc containers. My husband loves “sombrero” cookies (you may call them Peanut Butter Blossoms, but they do actually kinda look like a sombrero!), so one day before nap time we made them for him.

easy holiday cookies5

Let me give you a little tip: if you’re going to make peanut butter cookies, buy the pre-mixed bag, because then you don’t have to bother with the messy and sticky peanut butter! Betty was on point for this mix. There was a little more measuring (had to add water and oil), but that was a small price to pay compared to the potential mess sans Betty.

Julia also had a blast placing the kisses into the cookies once they came out of the oven. I just had to watch her like a hawk to make sure she kept her little hands off the bar pan.

easy holiday cookies6


A Fun Craft to Spread Holiday Joy

I promised Julia that after nap time she could decorate the Ziploc container, and then we would box them up and take them over to his work as a surprise. She’s at the age where she’s fighting her nap, but still desperately needs them, so I always have to come up with some “after nap time” incentive. This particular one worked like a charm.

easy holiday cookies7

The best part of the whole cookie making experience was watching her deliver the container of goodies to her Papa at work. That, my friends, is what the holiday season is all about—seeing other people, especially your kids, spreading joy.



Giveaway Time!

I know it’s a small token, but I’d like to spread a little joy your way this season. I’m giving one of you $15 in paypal cash! You can do with it what you’d like, obviously, but consider spending it on some Betty Crocker cookie mix and passing those easy holiday cookies on to someone who could use a little Christmas cheer.

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Easy Holiday Cookies

Not in the mood to win some money? No worries, but let me leave you with some coupons and recipes in case you want to pick up some cookie mix or Ziplock containers!



  1. I love this! It’s hard to bake because my little one is always with or on me, so this is an easy compromise. I think I will bake some to bring to the police station and fire house this weekend!

  2. Very cute! We are hosting a cookie exchange this weekend and I am totally doing the Betty Crocker sugar cookies for the kid decorating portion. Have a good day!

  3. I want to do a large Christmas Tree, This is a great idea, and the Santa Hats, the Stacked Christmas Trees

  4. This is so great and your little girl is such a sweetie. Sounds like a fun way to spend the day. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. I’m loving that sugar cookie tree! I have 4 kids so the thought of baking and letting them decorate makes my anxiety a little high. And yay for taking cookies to dad at work! She is adorable!

  6. I love Betty’s snicker doodles! I made like 6 dozen for an FRG meeting this week. So easy & no need to worry about the cream of tartar.

  7. The sugar cookie Christmas tree would be so much fun! I would try to make that for sure.

  8. Your daughter is adorable! It looks like she was having a lot of fun helping you! I’d like to make the Christmas Peanut Butter Blossoms. They look like they would be pretty easy to make!

  9. Aren’t you a smart cookie! Pun intended! Ansley loves the gingerbread houses but they taste terrible. Maybe we can try the giant tree idea 🙂

  10. We’re making sugar cookies today to deliver to our new neighbors… I am trying to remember that with a three year old helping me it might not turn out as planned, but thankfully making these cookie mixes is so quick that it’s not a big deal at all if we have to start over! 🙂

  11. I love love love holiday baking! And I’m not ashamed to use cookie mixes or premade cookie dough. I do enjoy making sugar cookies from scratch with my cousin’s family recipes. She and I used to make them together when I lived in France. I loved baking & decorating cookies, and she loved having an enthusiastic helper! We did the same thing at Easter.

    The Santa Hat cookies look cute (and more importantly, easy!).

    I really feel like baking now…

    1. I’ve never been the most artistic person, so sugar cookies always came out looking like blobs, BUT, my husband apparently loves making sugar cookies from scratch (and he has the patience when my daughter’s decorating will go everywhere but on the cookie), so he’s on sugar-cookie duty this weekend when we make cookies for our neighbors!

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