Dia&Co. Box Reveal {January}

I know I’ve said it before, but I love snail mail, especially when it’s a brown paper package tied up with string and I find it sitting on my front porch when I get home. Okay, so technically this was a brown box with no string, but my name was on it, and that’s exciting. As a mom, I don’t have too many things that I can safely call my own. True story: I waited until nap time to open up my package, because otherwise the oldest little one will think it’s a present for her. Nope. This one is all for Mama.

I took a little break from getting my monthly Dia&Co. box—not because I didn’t want it anymore, but because of all the traveling I did recently. Now that I’m back in a good groove, I started it up again. Y’all, this box was AWESOME, and it’s inspiring me to intentionally change out of my comfy yoga pants (which, let’s be honest, I can’t remember the last time I did yoga in them), and get dressed for the day.

Let me back up a bit first, just in case you’re new to Dia&Co.

A little info about Dia&Co.:

Dia&Co. is a plus size styling service catering to women who wear a sizes 14-28. Basically, you fill out a style profile, pay a $20 styling fee, chat with your stylist to see what you’re interested in, and then your stylist sends you five items. You have five days to try everything on and get a feel for it, then you send what you don’t want back. Then, they’ll deduct that twenty bucks from the price of anything you decide to keep. Sweet deal, right?

(Um…can someone remind me to wash my mirror the next time I decide to take pictures of myself for the blog? Sheesh! #reallife)

january dia&co reveal

Here’s my January Dia&Co. box reveal:

There’s always a nice, personalized card in every box, and once I read the one in this box, I got ridiculously excited to see the clothes. My stylist mentioned a peasant top (which I’ve been itching for), and a dress for a night out with the girls. Truth be told, I usually sneak a peek on my Dia&Co. dashboard once my box ships, so I can see what I’m about to get, but this time I completely forgot about it, so I was seeing everything for the first time. Based on the card alone, I had high hopes for this box!

Item 1: BB Dakota – Patterned Peasant Blouse – $84.00



My thoughts:
I LOVE this! The second my eyes hit the funky pattern, and the gorgeous color, I prayed it would fit me. Not only does it fit, but it’s PERFECT. It’s long-sleeved, but I can easily pull them up and make it 3/4 length; it’s neck is also deep enough for me to pull down so I can nurse my daughter, and the overall length is just perfect. It’s also lightweight enough for me to wear basically all the time. The colors are right up my alley, and the design is exactly what I’ve been missing in my life. True story: I’ve worn it every day since it arrived.

Kept it. Obviously!

Item 2: BB Dakota – Lace Fit-n-Flare Dress – $112.00




My thoughts:
I wasn’t too sure about this when I pulled it out. I’m usually pretty skeptical about clothes that “hug” me. I have curves, and I’m always nervous about showing them off. But, I tried it on anyway, and a funny thing happened: I loved it. It hugged me in all the right places, as my husband said, and the deep plum color is just lovely. I also love the peek-a-boo lacy neckline. This is absolutely something I’d never try on if I was at a store, so I’m happy they sent me something outside of my comfort zone, and that it actually worked! I wish my mirror wasn’t dirty (I swear it doesn’t look that hazy in real life…upon reflection, maybe it’s my camera lens) so you could see how pretty this really is.

Besides a little black dress, I don’t really have any nice dresses, so I’m thrilled this one fits that category.  The price scared me a little, but it fits me, I like it, and I know I’ll wear it when I need a nice dress somewhere, and with our anniversary coming up next month, I think I have at least one night I can slip it on!

Question for you guys: how would you accessorize this? I usually wear a necklace, but I don’t think that would work with this dress? Just earrings? I also really need some new black heels…two babies later, and my foot size has changed. Time to go shoe shopping!

Kept it, and I can’t wait to wear it!

Item 3: Levi’s – Straight Leg jeans – $54.50


My thoughts:
Eh. I put them on, and they fit….technically. They’re total “mom” jeans, though. Like, they only fit if I wore them up high on my waist, but then they’re still super baggy in the leg, and too long. Just awkward all around. A good pair of jeans that fit are so hard to find, so I’m not really too bummed about not liking these.

Sent back

Item 4: Junarose – Slouchy Oversized Sweater – $48.99


My thoughts:
I was on the fence about this top for a long time. I adored the color from the second I saw it—I’m really into coral, and I loved that it was called a “slouchy over-sized sweater,” since I need more of exactly that in my life. Wearing leggings is my favorite thing in the world, but I need tops for them, so this seemed to fit the bill. I actually took this sweater for a test drive when we went to the store this weekend. I liked it. I liked it a lot…until I took a peek at the picture my husband took of me. I loved that it covered my tush in the back, but it rode up a little too much for my liking in the front. It also didn’t really have any dimension for it since it was all one (beautiful) color. Still, it was ridiculously comfy.

Sent back. I promised myself I’d only keep items I absolutely loved, and since I just “liked” this one, it got the boot.

Item 5: KIYONNA – Drawstring Cardigan – $58.00


My thoughts:
This cardigan is almost absolute perfection. I knew I loved it from the moment I put it on, and I knew it was flattering before I even looked in the mirror. Then I looked in the mirror and it almost took my breath away—I loved the style SO much. But (there’s always a “but,” right?), there was one problem: the color. Green really isn’t my color. It’s right up there with yellow and orange—I’ve never liked them. The only green I have is a pair of socks to wear on St. Patrick’s Day. If this cardigan was in any pretty much any other color I would’ve kept it. Actually, I need to see what other colors it comes in, because I truly love it…just not in green.

Sent it back (but I’ll look for it in another color)

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So that’s my Dia&Co. box reveal this month.
Do you think I made the right decisions as far as what to keep and what I sent back.
And don’t for get to sign up for a box of your own!


  1. Oooh!! I just signed up. I’ve been looking for something like this in plus size! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. 🙂

  2. I think you picked some great stuff. Loved the top and dress on you .I also really loved that last sweater, but can understand sending it back if you don’t like the color .

    1. well, shoot. Now I’m starting to have second thoughts on sending it back…but it’s already on its way. I’m just not sure if I’d wear it often because of the color. I guess I should’ve branched out a little more. Drats!!

  3. i love your choices! Both the peasant top and the lace dress seriously look great on you.

    To style the dress? A few ideas. Do you have a long necklace, especially one that ends in a pendant of some sort? (So like, not an evenly beaded necklace that would lay evenly). That’s one option.

    Another would be arm candy! I am all about mixing up different bracelets on one arm to be an interesting while oddly-unified look. Or just a single bold sparkly bracelet would look good too.

    Earrings work with either of the above accessories. Or you could just wear only bold sparkly earrings all alone!

  4. My daughter subscribes to Stitchfix and I have been searching for something similar for plus sizes but didn’t want to venture into this without seeing some sort of reaction or sampling so I want to thank you for posting your box reveals. I did go ahead and sign up and can’t wait to see what my stylist has in store for me. Thanks again! Oh, and I thought the green looked great on you also! Tell your stylist to either send it back or send a different color in the same style! Loved it!


    1. Oh, I’m so happy you signed up; I hope you’ll love it! I talked to my stylist and she’s sending me the cardigan in a burgandy color! But, after seeing how lovely the green looked on me, I may ask for the green one as well. I LOVE cardigans, and for something that looked so great, two couldn’t hurt!

      1. I too, love cardigans! I got my first box and I kept three of my items. My next one is due to come in a couple of days. I love seeing Dia & Co unboxings. I think I have watched all of the ones on Youtube. Keep posting!

  5. Love your posts! I try to guess from the pictures whether or not you will keep an item before I read your review. I got the green one wrong! It looks fab on you. And you look so happy in the picture. Glad they had it for you in burgundy, but green IS one of your colors. I signed up today.

  6. Lol, a million years later, but I had to tell you that the green cardigan color was gorgeous on you ?

  7. I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore that first top you showed off (the Peasant Blouse)! It looks fabulous on you!

  8. Hi! You wear it well! Can I ask what the green center cinch top is called? I’d love to try that.

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