Dating My Husband

Last month my husband and I went on not one, but TWO dates. Seriously you guys, having a babysitter is literally life changing, because instead of just talking about wanting to date my husband, now we can actually date! Hallelujah!!


The first date we went on was out to dinner with another couple we’ve known for several years. Since we couldn’t remember the last time we A) ate a meal outside of our home and B) ate out for dinner without the kids, we definitely enjoyed our time together. We got an appetizer, we ate our dinner slowly, we each got an “adult” beverage, and we had dessert. Oh yes, we also talked and laughed a lot. It was the whole delicious package. On top of that, we even went out for coffee after, and just talked. Dating is pretty delightful.

Our second date was an impromptu date of sorts. My husband took some time off work, and since he ended up actually working a fair amount during his “leave,” we decided to take advantage of one non-work-day day off and go out to breakfast since we had a sitter to watch the girls. That’s when we did part of our DateBox!

On a Date with DateBox

Dating my husband just got a whole lot easier with DateBox!

A lot of people asked about DateBox when I posted it on Instagram, so here’s the deal: it’s another one of those monthly subscription boxes, but this one has everything you need inside of it for a date! This was the first month of our subscription, and I’m totally sold.

January’s date included a scavenger hunt, complete with a check list of things to do and a selfie stick to document the whole thing. The date highly suggested going on a double or a triple date so you could compete against other couples, and while that would’ve been a blast, my friends and I all pretty much share the same sitter in this town, so the timing, unfortunately, would never work out.

datebox date

Since we couldn’t participate the way it suggested, my husband and went out for breakfast one morning and then marked a few scavenger hunt items off our list. Really, we only got to about half of them, but we had fun, and I’m saving the other ideas, along with the selfie stick—obviously—in my purse for spontaneous moments down the road. The box also had, which we didn’t do (gosh, I’m really selling this thing, aren’t I?), a lantern and a candle/matches for each couple. The purpose for that is for you to write down your intentions for the year as a couple. While we didn’t do this part (because we aren’t near a body of water to let it float in), we did talk about the questions they provided.

I’m already excited for our next DateBox to arrive, and I actually pre-booked our babysitter for February!

Want to try DateBox for yourself? Sign up here, and use the code JESSICA25 for 25% off of your first order! Happy dating!!

The Five Love Languages: Our Assessment

Since I’ve been thinking about dating my man, I wanted to know what our Love Languages are. We both read the book back when we got married, a whopping almost six years ago, but since I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take it again. The results were somewhat surprising, and totally predictable at the same time.

My Top Three Love Languages:
Words of Affirmation
Acts of Service
Physical Touch

I actually thought Acts of Service would’ve been number one, because the way to my heart is a clean kitchen, an empty dishwasher, or clean, sorted laundry. Basically, my heart goes pitter-patter when my husband does an act of service. Words of Affirmation didn’t surprise me (although, I thought it would’ve been second) since communication is one of our top priorities. When a majority of your relationship is long distance, you learn to use your words in the most effective way possible. True story: I knew my husband was a keeper, because when we first started long-distance dating, he wrote in complete sentences. As for the Physical touch, I’m honestly surprised that’s in my top three. I mean, I like holding hands, hugging, and snuggling, but I don’t like it all the time.

My Husband’s Top Three Love Languages:
Physical Touch
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time

I think one of my husband’s favorite things is holding hands or hugging, or just being physical close to those he loves, so before we even took this quiz, I had a very strong feeling Physical Touch would be in his top three. Words of Affirmation as the second love language surprised me again, but only because he tends to be more of the silent type. This tells me that we need to write each other more letters or spend some time leaving each other notes around the house…or something like that. As for quality time, well, I’m happy to see that on there. I know he would rather stay home and hang out instead of being somewhere with lots of people, so it doesn’t really surprise me to see that as a top pick for him.

Have you taken the Love Language quiz before? What’s your love language? If you haven’t taken it, take it now—you have to enter your email, but it’s only to send you the results. No spam that I’ve seen yet!


I’d love to hear how you date your husband—since we’re kind of brand new to this, I’m totally open to new ideas! Also, have you taken the Love Language quiz before? Did you match up with your partner?

This post idea, by the way, is brought to you from Belle Brita’s #LoveBlog prompts for February!
Check out all of the other topics she has going on this month!



  1. The sitter really IS life changing! My husband’s normal schedule now has him home by 1pm on Fridays…and the boys are in preschool until 3:30! We sneak in a date lunch before picking them up. Our regular dates have us feeling like normal people again!

  2. Oh my gosh datebox sounds like an amazing idea! I will have to look into it. I cant wait until Reuben is old enough to stay with a sitter for a long time, we’ve done an hour or two but I’d love an evening out with my husband 🙂

  3. My husband and I did the love languages quiz at a marriage prep course we did on base. I want to read the book too, and there’s even a version just specifically for military spouses!

    1. Yes! I actually own the military love languages book, but I haven’t read it yet! Maybe I’ll do that the next time we PCS and I know I’ll be in the car with enough downtime to read a book 🙂

  4. I feel like the only blogger who doesn’t do any subscription boxes, but I’m feeling swayed towards this Date Box idea. It sounds like fun!

    It is interesting the way love languages can be surprising. Dan is really good about doing things for me and for other people. I just KNEW his love language would be Acts of Service… Until it was Physical Touch, followed by Words of Affirmation and Quality Time. He’s very cuddly, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised!

    1. haha I love getting snail mail, so those subscription boxes are speaking my language (so to speak). Still, I love that it takes the planning out of the date for us, which is half the battle. I’m excited to see what February’s box will be!

  5. Such a cute date idea! My husband loves scavenger hunts and has been crossing his fingers and hinting lately that he’d love nothing more than for me to surprise him with one. This post is only more motivation…

    1. You know what? Email me your address and I’ll send you one of the extra packs we have! Since we didn’t get to compete against our friends, I have two extra 🙂

  6. Jessica! Thanks for linking up with us today!

    I am so glad you’ve been dating your husband again. Isn’t it great? We don’t have kids, but my husband works 70-80 hours per week so it’s often difficult for us to get out on dates too. It’s so refreshing to finally get to do it. Also, I am definitely going to check out DateBox. My husband and I set a goal this year to go on more dates and I thought about doing Datelivery but then I found out that they aren’t doing the subscription thing anymore and that you have to pick your date each month. I thought that sort of took the fun out of it so I am so glad you mentioned DateBox. I plan to sign up once I get the go ahead from my husband and to use your coupon code. 🙂

    Anyway, isn’t it cool when you’re surprised by the love language results? That quiz can be so insightful! I love that you said you knew your husband was a keeper when he wrote in complete sentences. That is a big deal for me too! haha

    1. Yup, I hear you on the stupid long work hours—that’s why we decided to start planning them out at least a month in advance, so he can plan for it. So far, so good. That’s a bummer about Datelivery; we’ve only had one DateBox so far, but I like it a lot. For December they sent a gingerbread house and had couples compete and post theirs on instagram! I was sucked in immediately 🙂

  7. Oh my…DateBox sounds so great!!! I’m definitely going to check that out. We don’t have children but it’s still a nice idea to have someone pushing / encouraging you to spend time together doing things. That’s a cool subscription box idea.

  8. That sounds like so much fun! Glad you got to have a little bit of time to yourselves this past month. It’s such a healthy and necessary thing for all couples.

  9. Dating your husband is SO important and makes all the difference in the relationship! I absolutely agree that a babysitter is a game changer. My husband and I go on a weekly date, but only get a sitter once a month. Those dates are the. best. I love the date box! So fun!

  10. I love this! My husband and I also took the Love Languages quiz. I had purchased the military edition of his book two winters ago and LOVED it. My husband and I had just recently been married and had been living together for maybe a month and I was feeling a huge disconnect. We had gotten married super quickly so of course my first reaction was that maybe we moved things along a little TOO quickly. After reading his book, I realized we just didn’t have the same love language. I’m more of a physical touch, words of affirmation, and quality time kind of person whereas he’s more of an acts of service and quality time kind of person. I literally spent the first month thinking I had done something wrong because he wasn’t as cuddly as I was or he didn’t say “I love you” as often as I liked (I admit I say it a million times a day haha). Once we realized what the issue was, we started making it a priority to step a little more outside our comfort zones in order to connect with each other better. Two years later and we’re doing better than ever! 🙂 that book really is a life saver!

  11. Husband and I have breakfast dates every Saturday when daughter is at extra classes. Two hours of talking and laughing. Bliss! After 12 years together, there’s still so much to learn about each other as we grow and evolve.

  12. I love that you are dating your husband! I’ve always been a big proponent of that! My husband and I had a really great date the other day. Typically we end up on the couch watching Netflix (I can’t complain, cause we’re both tv & movie junkies) but we had dinner, got coffee and ended up on the couch talking for a couple of hours! It was much needed. I think dating your spouse can be hard.

    Congrats on 6 years. We are at 3.5! 🙂

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