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We’re Moving to San Diego!

The military can certainly pull the rug out from underneath us at any point, but as of right now, we’re slated to move to sunny San Diego, California, this summer! I’ll share more details later, but right now the gist of it is that my Air Force husband will be stationed at a Marine Air Station in San Diego. Talk about a big change!

Moving to California this summer!

We’re really, really, excited about our upcoming PCS. Not only does it mean we’ll be closer to home, but we can’t wait for all the opportunities and adventures that living in California will bring. I’ve visited San Diego several times, and I’ve always loved it there. Basically, June can’t get here soon enough. (Then again, thinking about actually leaving my friends and the comfort of home makes me sad when I think about moving—life in the military is so bittersweet!)

Right now we’re still waiting for the official orders to come through, but I wanted to let the cat out of the bag since that could take forever. If you know of any other bloggers in the SoCal area, I’d LOVE to know about them! We’re also making an ultimate bucket list so we can do all the things while we’re there, so if you know off-the-beaten-path stuff we should do or places we should eat (obviously things like go to the zoo, the beach, and Balboa park will certainly be on there), let me know so I can add it to our list!

I’m so excited to share this next chapter of our lives with you 🙂



  1. San Diego is so nice! I wanted to move there in the past, and we might someday still. Good luck with preparing for the move!

  2. Jealous you’ll be on the west coast! We moved to Nova Scotia from Vancouver Island, BC. If you’re up for a road trip while you’re in California, I’d definitely suggest Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

  3. Hey, I have been reading your blog for awhile now and love it. I am in the Air Force and My husband is in the Navy. We are PCSing this summer as well to just north of LA. I know that’s about 3 hours away, but I am from CA and we have friends stationed in San Diego. Your going to love it! Disneyland trip???

    1. Hi Kristen! Thanks for reading 🙂 What an adventure YOU guys are on! So will you be on an exchange type job with him? I have a fair amount of close friends in LA, and a cousin who works/lives on Long Beach, so I’m hoping we’ll get to go up there somewhat often! Do you have a blog?!

      1. No, I actually decided to separate this summer so I can stay at home with the kids more as my husband will be deploying more at this location. I do have a blog but it’s been 2 years since I have written so I use the term having a blog very loosely.

  4. Sooo exciting! I live in Utah and I dream of the day that I can live in a sunny state. I might just end up missing the cold winters but I want to find that out for myself! Hahah Congrats!

  5. This is so exciting! I have only been to California once when I was about 13, but to move there! I am a HUGE adventure/travel junkie! I can’t wait to read about your adventures there!

  6. Congrats on your upcoming PCS! We are hoping for orders here soon, we love Tucson but have ants in our pants for sure. Good luck with the move and receiving actual orders!!!

    1. Ants in the pants….I know that feeling a little too well 🙂 We’re definitely in the hurry up and wait stage, and I need to get used to it since I know it’ll be like that until we actually move! Do you know where you’re going next?

  7. Oh my goodness! I saw this post in my FB feed when I first woke up this morning and I got SO excited for you guys instantly! It will be wonderful for you to be closer to family and it’s always fun to explore a new city and a new way of life. I am seriously stoked for your family and can’t wait to read your posts about it.

    We’re a year away from our next PCS (when he graduates from AFIT) and I’m already itching to find out our orders and start planning!

    1. YAAAAY! I seriously get excited every time I think of it! We were expecting to stay here for another year, so this was a little faster than we thought we’d be moving, but I’ll take it. I hear you on the planning part—so much to do (but we’re also in the hurry up and wait part). Any inkling on where you’ll go next?

    1. ya know, I bet it’s been about the same length of time since I’ve been there, too! Time certainly flies 🙂 Hope you guys settled in well in El Paso!

  8. I’m excited for you!! While I would never want to live in California (for many reasons lol) I would totally go to San Diego.

    1. Haha, I’m mostly worried about earthquakes, but I’m REALLY looking forward to not living in the south anymore. I’m so thankful this opportunity popped up for my husband. I’m excited to see where you guys are going next!

  9. Congrats on getting San Diego, we’re hoping to get there at least once during A’s career, but it’s not looking too bright. We’re going to have to get lucky to get stationed there. I’ve heard so many great things about San Diego, yay for adventures!

    1. I’m just excited to get out of the south since this is the second time we’ve been at this base! But ya’ll are in Hawaii, right? I hope you’re making some great adventures out there 🙂

  10. Yea! You will love California. I live in SoCal- just closer to LA than San Diego. There definitely is a lot to do.. though when you live some place you don’t do nearly as many things as you often think you would.

  11. Whatt!!!!! SO exciting! We LOVE San Diego. We lived in San Clemente (near Camp Pendleton) for a while and I could have lived there forever. We are PCSing back to CA next month– our house is just north of L.A. I can’t wait to be back in CA — you guys are going to love it!

    1. No way, that’s awesome! I have friends and a cousin living in LA, so I”m sure we’ll be up there often—we’ll have to meet up! Did you mention that you guys are moving back on your blog? Did I miss it (I’ve missed a lot, so it’s totally possible!) Is he getting out or are you guys getting stationed there? So many questions! Moving is exciting 🙂 So much good luck being sent to you for moving with a newborn and two other kiddos!

  12. I had to comment here too 😉 So excited for you guys! We are at Camp Pendleton (my husband is a Marine), and have been here about a year! where will you guys be? I know we don’t really know each other, but I feel like I know you, after following your blog so long, lol! Hope the getting-ready-to-move goes well 🙂

    1. YAAAY! We’ll be at Miramar, so just south of you! It’ll be a completely new experience for all of us since he’ll be one of the only Air Force (if not the only one) at that base. I’m so excited for how many people I’ll “know” in the area…I feel like there may be some coffee dates in our near future! 🙂

  13. Ahh, that’s exciting!! It’ll be so different living in a Marine area versus Air Force, I bet… but San Diego will be really awesome!

  14. OOOOO… Super exciting! There is so much to do, see and eat there! I’m super excited for you and your family. I love this transient lifestyle the military allows because of all the different places you get to explore.

  15. I’m so excited for you but sad for me. We’ve only had one blate (is that what blogger dates are called these days?) so far. 🙁 Let me know next time you’re in the city! I would love to hang out one more time!

  16. This is so exciting! San Diego is an amazing city and ever since I visited the place, I dream of moving there! I can’t wait to hear more about your move! I wish you luck with moving and settling there! 🙂

  17. What great news!! Fingers crossed the PCS powers that be don’t change anything up on you. California sounds so beautiful…plus welcome back to the West! 🙂

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