Enjoying the Weekend

It’s been a long time since we’ve just enjoyed our weekend, and thankfully, the past two days were simply delightful. It seems like we’re always on the go, especially on the weekends, and if we’re not busy then we’re super lazy. There’s nothing wrong with either one, but the first makes me feel rushed once its over and the second makes me wish we were more productive. This past weekend was a mixture of the two.

I don’t praise the weather in Georgia often (wait. Have I ever sung its praises?), but the weather this weekend was simply DELIGHTFUL. Not a hint of humidity in the air, but instead it was nice and crisp in the morning, and then skirt and tank top weather in the afternoon. We spent the majority of our Saturday and Sunday outside, and it makes me wish we could do that more often without perspiring profusely or swatting away mosquito and gnats.


On Saturday we had our first yard sale of the year. We’ve been accumulating things to sell, and since the weather was on point, we decided to go for it. The girls waved hello to everyone (and I mean, everyone), and Bella sun-bathed all day. All in all, it was successful since we got rid of a bunch of stuff and made some money—woohoo! We’re already planning on having another one or two to get rid of even more before we move. It feels SO nice to purge our stuff.

Speaking of moving, I’ve been looking for homes in San Diego and I’m trying not to freak out since nothing is available right now for us. Base housing is much, much smaller than the house we own now, so we’re looking into other options. That’s the downside to moving to San Diego—cost of living is ridiculous! So if anyone knows of a 3 or 4 bedroom house for rent in northern San Diego that isn’t the size of a shoe box or with a price that’ll leave us seeing red, let me know!


Back to our weekend—since we felt renewed with our yard sale, we decided to clean our kitchen after we put our junk back in the garage. It wasn’t a deep clean or anything, but all four of us got in on it and we managed to straighten up in a matter of a half hour. A clean house makes this mama happy. We would’ve continued with the whole house, but we pretty much zonked out after that and wanted to relax.

Moving on to Sunday…Yesterday started with homemade blueberry banana pancakes, which Julia insisted she made “all by herself,” and then we took a drive to the next town over so I could go shopping. Kenny stayed in the car with Maddie since she was napping, and Julia and I shopped inside. Shopping for yourself with two small kids is next to impossible, so I was thankful for this extra time to browse and actually try things on. Plus, Julia kept telling me I looked beautiful when I’d put different dresses on—talk about an ego boost! The best part about that shopping trip is that I found a dress for our family photos next weekend. Then, after we got home, since the weather was still wonderful, we hung out outside for the rest of the afternoon.


I grabbed my laptop and a chair and got some work done, and Kenny worked on some projects. As each girl woke up from their nap, they “helped” and played outside with us. Last year, at a yard sale near our house, we found a kitchen table that needed a little fixing up, and today my husband started sprucing it up! We’ve had a pretty tall kitchen table for the past 7 years, but we’re going to sell it and swap it for this fixer upper in a few weeks, and I can’t wait! 

We finished out the weekend with a delicious home-cooked meal, tub time for the girls, and a lot of laughter. We’ve had some busy and really long days lately, so this weekend—complete with sleeping in yesterday—was like a breath of fresh air.

So all in all, nothing extravagant happened this weekend, but it was really one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. I’m happy to start this next week with a clean house, and a rejuvenated spirit. We’re celebrating Julia’s 3rd birthday tomorrow, and then we’re spending next weekend in one of our favorite cities: Savannah. This weekend’s happenings were splendid; I hope yours was, too!

How was your weekend? Do anything spectacular, or was it just a nice, calm (or busy) weekend?




  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! We didn’t do much but go to the movies. The kids liked Zootopia and so I call that a win in my book!

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! We are cleaning and prepping for a neighborhood yard sale that is coming up soon. Hubby also helped me sand a blanket ladder.

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