Living on Breast Milk and String Cheese

We’re in a strange transition over here; the awkward point where my baby’s finally realizing that she doesn’t have to scarf down everything we put in front of her. In other words, she’s growing up and turning into a picky toddler. She’s still a lady with few words, but if she doesn’t want something she shakes her head no adamantly and pushes whatever it is away. It’s adorable and infuriating at the same time.

Besides nursing (which I think she’ll probably continue doing forever if I let her), string cheese is her favorite thing in the entire world. She’ll walk over to the fridge and with all her might, she’ll try opening the fridge door. When that doesn’t work, she screams, points, says “please” (in sign language), and basically does whatever she can do to get our attention. Then, when we finally give in (because one can only take so much screaming before I give her what she wants), she does a happy dance. If she had the dexterity, I’m sure she’d actually jump up and down.

So that’s our life now. Maddie’s living on breast milk and string cheese with gold fish, bananas, and a few strawberries thrown in the mix…if we’re lucky.



  1. We are living on cherrios and milk around here so I feel your pain. Kid there is a whole delicious world out there..,eat something else! Lol

  2. She’s so cute. I’d live on string cheese too if I could.
    And your husband’s caption on the pic made me laugh!

  3. A will eat bread pasta cheese but everything else is a battle these days. C is still nursing but he’ll eat the kitchen sink too. I’ll take one out of two as a parenting in! 😛

  4. Oh man… I am so not ready for the picky toddler stage… a picky baby is hard enough! Annabelle seems to only like squash and beans, haha. Everything else she pushes away (even bananas and pears – what?!), and she’s only 7.5 months old.

  5. I smiled the whole time reading this. This was hilarious! That sign on the chair made me laugh too lol, so funny. I totally get you on the frustration on the whole shaking the head “no” thing, Ethan is doing the same thing! I’m teaching him sign language too but haven’t even thought of teaching him “please”, what a great idea. I’m going to start doing that. How did you start teaching her that so she understands? Thanks for sharing this, it was chuckle-and-encouragement sandwich.

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