Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day!

My husband is pretty darn fantastic when it comes to giving gifts. He seriously makes Hallmark look bad. But sometimes the hints and suggestions I drop are a little unattainable. I mean, while I truly do want a night alone in a hotel so I can sleep through the night, sleep in, and then wake up to room service, I don’t think that’s going to happen. (And as much as I really do want that, I’d be pretty lonely.)

The thing is, I actually do want to spend time with my girls on Mother’s Day, but it’s nice to feel pampered with stuff now and again. But ladies, we can’t always hold our husband’s accountable for getting us what we actually want. If he wants to get us flowers, a cupcake, and a card, then that’s fantastic. If he want’s t go out on his own and get something unique—let him! But if we really wanted that necklace, a shirt, and that new piece of art for your wall, and you didn’t literally spell it out for him (i.e. give him the exact link and precise size that you need, and the time to go get it), chances are, you’re not going to get what you specifically wanted.

So, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. If you’re like me, you don’t have time to shop for yourself, so when I see something I really, really want, I get it. Splurge a little and get something you really want.

Treat Yourself this Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day gifts to get yourself!

• The mom heart ring dish is perfect for your pretty rings and things.

• Do I even need to explain why this coffee mug is amazing?

• This cheery One Happy Mama shirt can make any crazy day a little brighter.

• Have a green thumb (or a black thumb that wishes it were green)? Make your herb garden stand out with these herb sticker decals.

Mother's Day gifts to get yourself!

• Special dates deserve their own space in your house. Hang this best days of our lives customized art in your office and smile every time you see it.

• Moms know better than anyone that some days are harder than others. Wear this on your wrist and remember that there’s always tomorrow.

• Say, “aloha” with this vibrant and fun license plate art—perfect for the wanderlust at heart!

• Pamper yourself with some shea butter lotion made with all natural ingredients.

Mother's Day gifts to get yourself!

I’d love to know what you’re jonesing for this Mother’s Day. Aside from joking about wanting a night to just sleep, I’d love some breakfast in bed (French Toast and/or cinnamon rolls), and maybe a picture frame with me and the girls in it. Anything else would just be icing on the (cup)cake!



    1. Right?! I’m pretty sure I’m cut off from buying more mugs (because they’re all so stinkin’ awesome and I can’t stop buying them), but I really do need this one!

  1. I love that “best days” sign, it’s super cute. My husband also hints at a night away but like you said, it would probably be lonely. :/

  2. That coffee mug is so cute! And I love the bright pop of color on the flower pot, I’d love something like that on my front porch. 🙂 And I’m with you that in theory I’d love a day all to myself, but I think I’d get pretty lonely and wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

  3. You know what’s funny? Last night, my husband recently asked if I’d like to just get a hotel room or if I’d prefer both Ethan and him to leave for one night so I’d have the house to myself. As fantastic as the silence would be, I would be SO LONELY! Ugh! So I totally get what you said lol. These are some great gift ideas. It is also equally fantastic that your hubby makes Hallmark look bad! What a guy! I hope you have a very blessed, full of love Mother’s Day this year 🙂

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