Jessica Lynn Writes Has a Brand New Look!

Bloggers often get the itch to change the design of their little piece of the Internet, and after going back and forth and thinking of everything on my “want” list for this site, I finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I mean, we’re moving to a brand new place, so let’s just change the whole shebang! Change is good, right? Actually, no. Change is excellent!

So if you’re reading this via email or in a reader (like Feedly or Bloglovin’), then click on over and see what it looks like “in real life”! (And there might just be a little something for you if you read all the way to the end…just saying.)

Jessica Lynn Writes Blog Makeover | www.jessicalynnwrites.comI’ve wanted Jessica Lynn Writes to look and feel like more than just a blog for a long time. Not that there’s anything wrong with just having a blog, but I wanted more. I wanted a hub—a landing page—if you will, where newcomers can see different aspects of JLW. I wanted it to feature my writing around the web and in print, I wanted easily accessed categories (like here and here), and I really wanted a fancy-schmancy place to feature our travels (still a work in progress; I have some more places I need to add).

Jessica Lynn Writees blog makevoer

Jessica Lynn Writes Blog Makeover

There are thousands of designers out there who are all magnificent, but I went with someone I’ve worked with a little bit before, and a blogger I’ve followed for so long that I have no idea how I “found” her. I knew I liked her style and her willingness to try new things, plus her price was right (she offers a military discount!), and the timeline worked out for both of us. Fran, from Freeborboleta was the best thing to happen to my blog, and I’ll sing her praises on the tallest mountain I can find.

That girl has the patience of a saint. Granted, I don’t know what she said under her breath when I’d ask her to change something for the millionth time, but she was always extremely professional and never made me feel like I was a bother. (By the way, I was truly a complete and total bother.) She also let me know—in her professional opinion—when something I wanted or suggested wouldn’t look good. This was really important to me since she’s been around the blogging design block a time or two, and because I felt like she knows me and my blog, I trusted her thoughts completely.

Jessica Lynn Writes Blog Makeover - mood board |

At the very beginning of the design process, Fran had me describe the feel of my blog in only three words. I went back and forth about three dozen times on what words I wanted my blog to represent, but I ended up picking personable (inviting, friendly, and comforting), refreshing (real and honest), and inspiring. The result is a place I’m in love with, and I was smitten with it from the very first mood board she created. It just screams me.

This is my brand, and something I’ve worked really hard to create and continue over the years, and I’m just really thrilled for its new look.

And, because I’m in a happy, generous mood (and because I procrastinated and totally forgot to give this away on Mother’s Day like I originally planned), I have something for you to celebrate the launch of my new(ish) site…

It’s Giveaway Time!

Celebrate Jessica Lynn Writes and her new design with a giveaway!

ONE lucky winner will win this loot you see here, PLUS $25 to spend at Freeborboleta’s shop. I want to mail this out before we move, so it’s going to be a fast turnaround—you have until Sunday evening to enter. (Only open to those with a US address!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you all for supporting this crazy little place I call my second home, and for reading my words over the past years (and if you’re new: hi, hello; I’m glad you’re here, and hope you’ll come back)! I’m really excited for this next chapter in my life, and I hope I can continue bringing content you enjoy. Now that you’ve read this post, take a look around and tell me what you think! 


  1. It looks awesome, Jess! So glad you were able to find someone who could work with you so closely — and all before you move!

  2. I love the new “hub” look. It’s also something I’m considering so Fran better get ready. 😉 She did a design for me in the past and I loved it!

  3. It looks, clean and inviting, and easy to navigate. I can’t wait to travel vicariously to California with you!

  4. I’ve already read and followed the majority of your blog since connecting with you recently and I love it!! Beautiful site with awesome info! I can’t wait to follow your future adventures!

  5. Wow – your website looks so … pretty. I just love the white space and soft colors. Really, really nice. P/S I saw a preview of your blog’s new design on Fran’s blog today, too. 🙂

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