What’s Up, Wednesday?

There are several things on my mind today, so hey, what’s up, Wednesday?

First things first: we’re in the market for a toddler clock, because both girls are waking up routinely before 6 am lately, and that needs to stop. I’m extremely grumpy if I can’t at least have a sip of coffee before my eyes are pried open with the demands of two little toddlers. We had the OK to Wake! alarm clock for a little while, but it gave her too much control with all the buttons to press; the batteries also exploded twice inside, sooooo we need something else. Whatcha got for us?



Mother’s Day, despite feeling a little sick, was wonderful. I slept in until 7:30 am (SEVEN THIRTY!!!!), and loved every minute of it. And, after I woke up I took a shower without a toddler asking to take one with me, and there weren’t little fists banging on the door! Then to top it off, after the shower, breakfast was ready, and all I had to do was sit down and start eating. Seriously, how great is that? My husband even took things up a notch and gave me a little you-know-what (Bailey’s) in my coffee. He knows me well.



For lunch we had delicious Italian meats and cheeses, and then for dessert after dinner, Kenny and Julia made a red velvet cake from scratch! We still have some left, and I really need to remember to take it to his work (not because it wasn’t good, but because we need to stop eating it)!

I also got to do something I’ve always wanted to do: I braided Julia’s hair! If you’ve been around here for a while, then you’ve seen how bald she was as a baby. Her hair didn’t start coming in until she was 2 years old, and even then it was just like a boy bowl cut. But now it’s long enough! The problem is that up until Sunday, she hasn’t liked her hair played with, which made me a little sad. BUT! On Saturday she just sat there—willingly—and let me not just play with it, but braid it! Not too shabby of a French braid considering it’s been years since I’ve done one.


The girls also got me an Edible Arrangement with balloons attached (balloons that they are loving, by the way). AND I got a little claw tripod for my phone, so now I won’t be so awkward when I do my live videos on Facebook…and it’ll be great to take photos on our trip, too.

Speaking of photos on our trip, I sent in my fancy schmancy camera to Nikon, because I dropped it years ago and I decided I should finally see about getting it fixed…you know, because that’s what a blogger should do less than a month before she goes on a road trip. I’m smart like that. Cross your fingers it comes back to me soon!


Is it Friday yet? Whew, this week needs to get a move on and wrap up already. Over the weekend we all got hit with some strange stomach bug. Well, not all of us. Somehow Julia was spared, and (knock on wood), she’s doing fine. But the littlest was sick and is now just extra crabby, and my husband and I have just not been feeling like ourselves.

I’m also annoyed with our eating habits again. My Weight Watchers regime has gone down the drain, and even though I’m still going to the gym, I’m just not eating the way I want. Part of me really wants to go back to Paleo, but it takes sooooo much dedication, and honestly, I don’t have that will power anymore. When you are home pretty much 24/7, and you have two little kids who only eat oatmeal, goldfish, PB&J, and quesadillas, it’s hard not to give in to those, too.

Not to mention, we’re moving, so we’re clearing things out of the pantry and the fridge. Dinners lately are like episodes of Chopped; we’re starting to put together interesting concoctions based on whatever we have around the house. I’m already looking forward to getting my new kitchen set up so we can get back to eating healthy again.


I looked at Maddie the other day and for a moment she didn’t look like a baby anymore. She was walking around the house, minding her own little business, and it made me sad. Of course I’m happy to see her grow up, but I love the baby stage.

Her sister didn’t really have any squish on her (she’s long and lean like her papa), but Maddie is full of delicious squishy goodness. Her feet are still soft and plump, her arms still have a hint of rolls on them, and her face is round and perfect for kissing. I just want to eat her up and not let her grow up.

Our time with her is fleeting since she already imitates and wants to be a big girl like Julia. I can’t even handle it.


My husband and I recently finished Parks and Recreation, and I have two things to say:
1. Leslie Knope for president
2. The finale was 100 times better than the one from How I Met Your Mother.

Now we need something new to watch. Shows we’ve watched together in the past, so you can get an idea for what we like: HIMYM, 30Rock, The Office, Battlestar Galactica, and White Collar. I feel like there should be more on that list, but that’s all that comes to mind. What show should we start next (that’s on Netflix)?


BIG, NEW, HUGE, EXCITING things are coming to a blog near you very, very soon! 



  1. LOVED Parks & Rec. We watched it last year while I was pregnant (in an insanely short amount of time… I won’t even begin to estimate how many episodes we watched in a day) and now we are re watching it. I don’t think it’s on netflix (yet) but we really liked Superstore which came out after Christmas. The season was pretty short, but I think you can still find the episodes online off of NBC. Same creators of The Office, I believe! I also started watching The Good Wife — NOT the same category as what you are mentioning above, but pretty good, actually!

  2. My husband has been trying for years to get me to watch Parks and Rec but I could not get into it. I don’t like Amy Poeler ??

    Can’t wait to hear the big news!

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