Pretty Little Things for Girls

One of the perks of having a girl is getting to dress her up in pretty little things. Headbands and bows on their bald little heads (or on top of a full head of hair if you’re lucky), ruffles on the tush, frilly little outfits, with matching itty-bitty shoes. I’m not going to lie: my girls have at least three times as many shoes as I do, and who can blame me? They’re just so small and adorable!


A friend of mine, Nicole, recently took the term mompreneuer to heart and opened up her own boutique. Lucky for me, Classic Dot specializes in pretty little things for tiny little feet! I know Nicole from our first time in Georgia, and as luck would have it, they moved to Italy just after we did. We lived in the same town, and when I say that this girl knows style, I mean it. She has a background in fashion merchandising and retail, and she’s always the best-dressed one in the room. That’s why I wasn’t even shocked when she opened Classic Dot—Nicole was made for this! She’s a mom to two littles, and even though her husband recently got out of the Air Force, she put in her years as a military spouse, and is now making it as a business woman.



Back to these high-quality moccs: I like putting my kids’ feet in soft-soled shoes when they’re first learning to walk. Experts out there recommend this so their feet can learn how to grasp and walk before transitioning to hard-soled shoes. Mocs are stylish and perfect for any season.

Madilyn has a pair of Classic Dot’s Champagne moccasins, and I love the soft, muted shimmery pink—perfect for going with several different outfits. I’m also totally lusting over these hot pink “Flamingo” and the “Mint” moccs. How perfect are those for summer?! Keep on reading for a special promo code—excellent for all those baby showers you probably have coming up! ‘Tis the season for babies!


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My other all-time favorite pretty little thing for girls (because little kids need accessories, right?) are headbands. You’ve heard me talk about them before (see my 5 Favorite Sites for Headbands), but I recently discovered a really cool place to add to my list of favorites: Little Poppy Co. Why do I love this bowtique (ha—see what I did there)? Because they offer monthly bow/headband subscriptions!


Am I the only one who gets stressed out trying to pick colors/styles of headbands online? There are way too many choices, and I get overwhelmed. This subscription is fantastic, because I don’t have to make any decisions; they just show up in our mailbox one day, and BAM—Maddie has new headbands to wear!

Yup, that means that every month we get three fun and new headbands sent directly to our doorstep. (We actually have two shipments that are somewhere in limbo right now thanks to the move; I can’t wait to get our mail delivered to us again!)

Classic Dot Discount Code!

If you have a tiny human in your life who needs some great shoes for their adorable baby feet, Nicole is offering my readers a discount! Use the code JESS20, and grab a pair or two (or three) moccs for 20% off in your favorite colors!

What are your favorite ways (and favorite shops) to dress up your daughter (or niece or grandaughter!) in pretty little things?

Classic Dot generously gave me a pair of moccasins to review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


  1. My daughter was born with tons of hair and no desire to have headbands or bows put on her head. A bit of a disappointment when she was small, but now she’s older and lets me fix her hair everyday so I guess I can’t complain. Those mocs are darling though!

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