I’m Tired, And Should Probably Eat Something

You guys, I’m not going to lie: I’m tired. We’ve been traveling, road-tripping, flying, moving, and living out of suitcases for more than a month. Plus, I just spent last weekend in New Mexico at a killer blog conference while sneaking in the magnificent cotton candy sunsets, and devouring mouth-watering food whenever I could.



On Sunday night I flew back to San Diego with the girls and my parents, and on Monday the movers arrived, which means we’re in full-on unpacking mode over here. So yeah, I’m a little on the tired side.

Honestly, on moving day I expected the worst and hoped and prayed for the best. Our shipment of stuff was separated as it left our house, so the chances of things missing or ending up broken were high.


The movers here were really nice, and after they got alllllllll of our stuff into our house, and after they set up our bed and the kitchen table, we told them they could be on their way. Technically with a military move, the movers can unpack all of your boxes, and rebuild anything they took apart in the first place. But we’d rather do our own unpacking and organizing, so we opted not to have them do that. And as for rebuilding things, my husband is up for the challenge.

I’m so thankful that part of the move is over, even if we’re left with a house full of disorganized chaos. Now’s the “fun part” of unboxing everything and seeing what random things are in what boxes. (The last time I checked, a bathroom runner doesn’t belong in a box labeled “kitchen stuff.”) On the bright side, only one thing has broken so far, so I’m knocking on wood we don’t find anything else. Several boxes are still unaccounted for, but we’re pretty positive it’s just because our original packers were crazy and put three different colored stickers (the way they keep track of the inventory) on almost more than half the boxes. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve done a long move like this—moving to Italy and back again had us living in hotels and out of suitcases for more than a month, too—but doing this whole shebang with tiny little kids is a totally different story. It’s exhausting.

If it weren’t for my parents coming out with us and watching the girls, I literally don’t know how we’d do it. I’d probably have to go away for a few days with them and just have my husband unpack everything. Kids are really needy, man! And they get into everything. My parents are basically saints for keeping their eyes on them and making sure they’re distracted.

Finally being in our new-to-us home is exciting, but more than that, I’m anxious to be done with this portion of the move so we can finally put down some roots here. We’re beyond ready to get comfy and settle in. As for right now, we have another full day of unboxing, shuffling, and putting things in their new home for this house. Also, I’m hungry, so I should probably eat something.

I’d love to hear your moving-in tales. Did you have stuff go missing or things end up broken?
How long did it take before you felt “settled” in?






  1. Congratulations on your move! It took me forever to unpack when I moved in with my boyfriend, and I still have a few boxes in storage that I just never bothered to unpack 😛 But soon enough, it’ll feel like home!

  2. Glad you’re back and IN YOUR HOUSE!! We have been pretty lucky with moves so far, just a few things damaged here and there, but nothing major. Crossing my fingers for the same result with the upcoming move…!

  3. I got lucky on the moving in as my husband had to come out 3 weeks before we could co e so the house was mostly done! Still a few boxes that I just don’t know where to put so they are still packed. We did have quite a few things that broke but nothing that can’t be replaced. It was the moving out was our nightmare. My youngest ended up in the hospital the week we got packed out so I wasn’t home and my poor husband had to guess at what I wanted left behind as we had to be in temporary lodging for 2 months. It was a tricky move this last time. So glad that’s behind us.

  4. Whew, reading that made me tired. Hah. Take a break girl! It sounds like you’ve had a blast though, except for moving. I despise moving, hah.

  5. I can remember doing this with my parents. My mom always had to get everything ready because we were at the tail-end of the Vietnam war and my dad was the guy putting together the control centers in Japan and Korea and training the locals to run them.
    I honestly do not know how my mom did it.
    My dad was gone all the time until we were stationed in Texas for three straight years or something like that. He almost retired that year but then they needed him to go back to Japan for a few months and then when he got back… moving orders were waiting. So off to Oklahoma. lol He retired from their and we moved to Memphis to be near NAS Millington for the hospital. Oh, boy I just gave you a pot full of memories you probably was not expecting. lol (oh we were Air Force)

  6. We’re in a rental house, waiting on our stuff and our house.By the time it comes, I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

  7. We still haven’t unpacked everything, and we’ve lived in our townhouse for over a year. Also we found random crap that we wanted to get rid of (my mother-in-law won’t throw away ANYTHING). But only one vase broke, and it was a cheap one. So yay!

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