Like Mother, Like Daughter

I sometimes joke that if I didn’t push Julia out myself, I’d question whether or not she was mine. She’s just the polar opposite of me, looks-wise, and looks just like her papa. Madilyn, on the other hand, is most definitely mine—baby pictures of both of us pretty much confirm that.

But just in case I needed a little more concrete proof, I got it during our excursion to SeaWorld.

First, let me take you back to the year 1985 when I was probably around a year and a half. My family and I were vising SeaWorld, in San Diego (as it so happens), and I must’ve seen something that totally amused my little 18-month self, because my mom ended up snapping this perfect photo of me:


Adorable, right? I know. Super cute. Especially the white socks with the sandals. Ironically, I still make a similar face when I get excited about something.

So imagine my surprise when we were visiting SeaWorld and Maddie got this look on her face. I grabbed my phone and snapped some pictures, and this was what I took.


Now let’s see those side by side, shall we?


Crazy, right?! Like mother, like daughter!


  1. So cute! Yes, she looks like you, but I also see her dad around her eyes … the shape of her eyes, I think. She’s your mini-me!

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