What to do When you Find Out You’re Pregnant

OH MY GOSH! Congratulations, you’re pregnant!

With three kiddos under my belt, I wanted to share some of the essential things that helped me along the way, especially at the beginning.

OMG, you're pregnant! Now here's what to do first!

There are several things I do almost immediately after I find out I’m pregnant.

Of course, topping my list includes telling my husband, and I start popping my prenatal vitamins if I haven’t started already.

What to do when you find out your pregnant

If this is your first time being pregnant, and you’re feeling a little lost right now, hopefully this will help ease your mind a little bit.

First Things First….

1. Find a Doctor

This can be SO hard if you’re new in town and don’t want people to know you’re pregnant yet. Secretly shop around for an OB by getting on some local Facebook groups and searching for “ob/gyn.”

Read what people have to say, then research the doctors/midwives mentioned.

You can also check out your local city magazine. Every year most cities put out a “Best of” or a “Top Docs” edition where the readers all vote on their favorite in every category, including best OB/GYN doctor.

If you have trusted friends, ask them—if there’s one thing other moms like to talk about, it’s pretty much anything pregnancy/baby related.

2. Get an App to Track your Weeks

There are dozens (probably more) apps out there, but the one I’ve stuck with over the years is Ovia Pregnancy. And I’ve gotta tell you, it’s even improved since the last time I was pregnant!

This app gives you an informative update on the baby every day, and you can get an email with even more info, then they send out a weekly email with even more info. I still like discovering what each new day brings to this little one. It also has a food safety lookup, symptom lookup, and medication safety lookup. Of course, you should always talk to your doc, but if you need to know something quickly, it’s all right there.

Ovia also has a calendar, a place for notes (great for jotting down questions to ask your doc), and it tells you the size of the baby not just by fruits and veggies, but you can pick other themes like French bakery items, fun and games, and weird-but-cute animals. Fun, right?! By the way, right now this babe is the size of a Haas avocado, an iPhone, and/or an eclaire. YUM!

3. Invest in Maternity pants.

Listen, don’t fight this one. Don’t try to be one of those people who will squeeze into your favorite pair of jeans until you literally can’t breathe.

Yeah, the hair-tie-around-the-button trick will work, but only for so long. Just trust me and embrace the big ol’ wonderful elastic fabric enveloping your belly, because they’re the best, most comfortable things you’ll ever wear.

In fact, they’re so fantastic, that you won’t even get judged by other moms  when you pull them out for Thanksgiving dinner in years to come. Don’t forget to pick up some maternity leggings while you’re at it.

If the thought of how much they are is freaking you out, I’ve bought mine from thredUP*, Goodwill ($2 for a pair of great condition jeans? YES, please), Old Navy (they’ve last through 2 pregnancies so far, and hello sales!), and Kohl’s. StitchFix also has maternity boxes you can get (use that link for $25 off your first box).

*If you’re new to thredUP, click this link, sign up, and you’ll get $10 to spend. Fair warning…that site is addicting. It’s like Goodwill online with fantastic deals.

4. Buy Maternity Panties.

Yes, I’m serious. Maternity panties were a HUGE game changer the first time around. When you get pregnant, things…change.

Parts start moving, things start widening, and before you know it, things like your reliable underwear are cutting into you, and making your life miserable. Maternity panties, on the other hand, fit like a baby-growing glove. Don’t worry. These aren’t like maternity pants—a few weeks after you pop that baby out, you’ll be ready to slip back into your old undies.

The next time you’re at a store, since we’re on the topic of our nether regions, pick up a pack of “pee pads.” You’ll thank me in a few months.

5. Think Ahead

I’m sure you’re already thinking about a nursery and adorable baby clothes, and while you probably aren’t sure if you want a home birth or hospital birth, keep this checklist handy.

After doing this three time, I finally made a list of all the necessary things you need when push comes to shove (literally) and you head to the hospital.

Grab your hospital checklist here!

6. Figure Out the Food Situation

The annoying thing, at least with me, is that during the first trimester my “morning sickness” means feeling sick all day. And the only way to make myself not feel sick, is to eat (which is the absolute one thing I don’t want to do when I feel like throwing up, but it works). Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t get morning sickness, but in case you aren’t, here’s a list of foods I always have  on hand during the first trimester:

I crave the tart juice like crazy, and squeeze it on edamame, broccoli, and green beans. (Honestly, that’s sometimes the only way I can eat veggies in my first trimester. Douse them in lemon juice, and I’m good to go!)

Bagels and cream cheese.
I try really hard to stay away from carbs…except when I’m pregnant. It’s sometimes the only thing that makes me not feel like puking. During the first trimester I’d have one or half of one almost immediately after I woke up.

Quinoa Energy Balls.
I make a batch of these and keep them in the fridge. Every night I’d take a couple and leave them on my nightstand, that way if I woke up in the middle of the night nauseous, or didn’t think I’d make it in the morning, I’d eat one. 

BONUS: Once you have the baby and are nursing, those are excellent for keeping up your supply and 2am snacks.

Whether it’s sucking on an Altoid, a peppermint candy, or making some tea, peppermint helps calm the stomach. I would be lost without my Altoids—they’re great for emergency I-feel-like-crap moments

Ice cream. Because if you can’t have wine, you’re going to need something at night after a long day.

Sometimes at the end of the night this is the one and only thing that sounds good. (Well, that and spaghetti and meat sauce with maple syrup drizzled over it. My husband was thankful we didn’t have any pasta around when that craving came on. Cereal was the next best thing.)

7. Sign up for Alpha Mom

I didn’t hear about Alpha Mom until the tail end of my first pregnancy, and I was sad for about a week, because of all the great laughs I missed. Alpha Mom is a weekly email you can subscribe to that tells it exactly how it is for the exact week you are pregnant.

Alpha Mom gets it; she puts it out there, and you instantly feel like she’s your new BFF. And if you’re just now hearing about AM, and bummed you missed out, no worries.

Click here and go back and read the ones you’ve missed! It looks like she has an entire site with other info, but to be honest, I’ve only checked out her calendar.

8. Start Some SECRET Pinterest Boards

Unless you want to let the cat out of the bag this early, make yourself a secret Pinterest board (see mine here), and start going to town with all things baby.

Do/did you do anything just after finding out you’re pregnant? Share your “firsts” in the comments!



  1. When you break out it usually means,you are having a girl.When my daughter was pregnant, she broke out and she had a girl.A girl takes the beauty from you.Maybe it’s just an old wives tale.

  2. Love this! We’re going to be trying in a couple of months, if you have any tips for before pregnancy, I’d love to hear them!

    1. Buy bulk pregnancy test, BBT thermometer, and don’t pressure yourself too much. I know it’s very clique of me to say, although it works. Stressing over it makes you feel uneasy and negative. Also, track your cycles with apps! Best of luck 💕

  3. My kids aren’t that old, but it’s all changed! Apps weren’t a thing when I was pregnant with either of them. Ok, maybe they were, but very, very few people had smartphones when I had my youngest. Pinterest also wasn’t a thing. I’m pretty sure I still had a MySpace account. I also never got food cravings. With either kid. I of course said I did so I could decide what we were eating, but I always thought it was weird that I never had cravings.

  4. I feel like 3 kids is a pretty “average” number to have, so I’m surprised people are surprised that you’re having a third! Dan and I both have 2 brothers. While my twin brother and I are 4 1/2 years older than our younger brother, Dan and his brothers are all really close in age.

  5. Hi, my name is Jennifer Lynn, I have a Daughter named Jessica… LYNN! Just thought it was funny I came across this site… hoping for another baby asap, been trying! … thanx for some info!

  6. I am pregnant with my first and have frantically been researching and stressing. This page was just what I needed. Being so young and without family support, other than my boyfriend, leaves me feeling bummed that I’ve been experiencing these symptoms all alone. It’s nice to see that there’s a community of individuals sharing their stories and uplifting one another. Go mamas <3

  7. 8 weeks pregnant here and I am ALL ABOUT THE BAGELS. Why does cream cheese taste so good?! It’s the weirdest thing. Also, oranges. I could eat them all day (and quite possibly have…).

    For ladies trying to get pregnant, buy the pregnancy test strips in bulk from Amazon. There’s no need to buy them at $10 a piece from the drug store. It took us over a year to get pregnant and I could’ve saved a lot of $$ on those first few tests if I had learned about the test strips on amazon sooner. hahaha.

    One last tip: try to nicely warn your partner for what is coming. You’ll most likely be sick, you’ll have crazy dreams, you’ll have to pee all the time, and you’re not going to feel completely like yourself. I’m a doer and there’s not a lot my body says I am NOT going to do right now. I’m definitely more cranky and anxious. So, be gentle on yourself and also… let your partner know you may have 2-3 heads a couple times a day <3

    GREAT article. I've got a couple new to-dos from this read!

  8. This is perfect! I did all those things the researched how to have the healthiest pregnancy because I was such a worry wort about doing the best I could for my precious baby.

  9. I’m 26 and I’ve been with my fiancé for 6 years. We were never careful and I was never on birth control. The last two years I thought maybe there was something wrong with one or both of us and I worried that I would never give birth to my own children. The day before our 6 year anniversary I took a pregnancy test. After bing almost 5 days late, to my surprise it was positive. I was so happy and relieved I cried happy tears for about an hour. Mind you this was the very same day we got engaged. How could all of my dreams come true all in one day. First thing I did was call my fiancé. Second I called my mom and dad for the second time that day. We had already shared the knews of our engagement early in the day.

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