Registering for a Boy

No, you didn’t miss any sort of announcement—we still don’t know if this baby will be a boy or a girl. BUT, I have an inkling, and in order to make myself okay with the whole idea of having a boy, I thought to myself, “Hey! Embrace it! Go check out all the cute boy things out there.” So today I’m steering away from ruffles, pink, and headbands, and I’m putting myself in boy-mom shoes. (And I kinda like what I’m seeing!) So if you need something for a baby boy, keep on reading.

I recently partnered with The Baby Cubby, because I like what they stand for, so I’m sharing them with you. The Baby Cubby is like one of those little local boutiques—they don’t have everything (hello, that’s what Amazon is for…well, that and to overwhelm you with so.many.options), but what they have is just enough, and you know that the stuff they do have is worth it, and the right quality. They research everything to take the guess work out for you, and they even have comprehensive baby-stuff buying guides (everything from strollers and breast pumps, to diaper bags and baby carriers), and a blog with even more info about the things they love. Oh yeah, and you can make a registry…so other people can buy the things you need!

Get this: if you happen to live in Utah, where they’re located, you can pull up, tell an employee what you need, and they’ll get it and bring it to you—so you don’t have to leave your car. Why can’t every place get on board with that. If there’s one thing parents need, it’s not to get out of the car with all of their children. There are several other amazing perks if you can shop there in real life (like getting a massage when you buy things, and a play place for kids. Ah-mazing.)

Registering for a Boy: Here’s What I’d Get


The nice thing about this being baby number three is that we have all of the essentials, so we don’t have to run out and buy any of the big stuff. (If you’re looking for that kind of registry list, I’m sorry, but this isn’t it. You can see my top newborn must-haves here and here, though!) With the exception of diapers, we don’t actually need anything. But by golly, if this little bun in my oven is a boy, I’m going to do a little shopping!

Here are several things on my if-this-is-a-boy wish list!

Bow Ties.


Basically, just give me all the bow ties. If my little girls wear a headband everyday, then by golly, if I have a little boy, he’ll sport a bow tie. The cool thing about these Little Mr. bow ties is that they snap to the top button instead of going around their chubby little necks.



What’s the point of wearing an adorable bow tie without suspenders? These are at the top of my list for a reason; the cuteness factor kills me.

A Romper.


First, if I have a boy I’ll need to up the blue and green factor in this house since it’s been overrun with pink the past four years, and a romper is just the way to do it. Second, my daughters will get a kick out of doing their ABC’s while he wears this.

Monthly Stickers.


If your kid is going to have his/her very own hashtag on Instagram, then having a set of monthly stickers is an absolute must.

An Ergo.


I personally have enough wraps to get me through 10 more kids (don’t worry—not happening), and while my husband has an older Ergo, I have a feeling he’d love their new 360 design since it can safely hold the baby outward facing.

Spout Cover.


We need this 4Moms Spout Cover. I swear, we can never get the temperature right for tub time, so the fact that this doubles as covering the spout and acts as a thermometer is perfect. Plus, I love 4Moms stuff, so I know it’ll be great.

Bath Toy Bin


Speaking of tub time. We realllllly need something to keep all of the toys under control. My friend has this, and I love how big it is in real life—large enough to hold all of those little rubber duckies floating around.

Nursery Decor


We haven’t decided the room arrangements yet, but if a boy joins this household, I’d like to break up the pink with a little blue. I fell in love with “Let the Adventure Begin” magnetic board at first sight, and the Lil’ Surfer print is perfect for a baby born in California.

Cute Crib Sheet

noah_s_ark_crib_sheetI haven’t decided on a theme if we have a boy, but I love this animal crib sheet. And if there are a few things I like to buy with a new baby, it’s crib sheets. So many….things…happen on those sheets that it’s nice to start each kid off with a fresh start. s

Baby’s First Backpack


Instead of lugging around a huge diaper bag, when we’re out and about (or if we take the kids to the church’s daycare or something like that), I like to leave their stuff in their own backpack. The girls both have Skip Hop Zoo packs, and I love them. This little hedgehog will fit into the crowd nicely.

Honestly, it would be fun if we’re having a boy, because, like the print up above says, it would be an adventure. Plus, I’d get to go shopping a little bit, and my husband would be very happy that I could finally start purging alllllll of the bins filled with girls clothes. 

Thank you to The Baby Cubby for sponsoring this post.




  1. That romper and those crib sheets are adorable! You’ll do awesome if it’s a boy! I love shopping for boy clothes and toys, probably even more than girl stuff haha

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