Treats Before Halloween

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This is the first year Julia’s actually into Halloween. Last year we were out of town for the holiday, so we skipped the tradition of carving pumpkins, but this year I went a little crazy to make up for the lack we had last year. I bought not one, not two, not three, but FIVE pumpkins. I know. Crazy, right?


To be fair, they were on sale, and I really wanted a lot of pumpkin seeds! But, that meant we had five pumpkins to carve. Not wanting to do it all by himself, Kenny enlisted Julia’s help. She happily obliged for all of one and a half pumpkins….and then called it quits. But while she helped, it was downright a joy to watch.



img_0410Can I just say that I’m happy the pumpkin carving kits are kid friendly? Keeps us a little less on edge. Well…some of us at least!


Since carving was such hard work (hey, there’s a reason why I didn’t partake in the adventure), I brought out her favorite snack: red cheese, aka Mini Babybel. Her younger sister calls the soft cheese: “red ball.” Heaven help me if I ever get one of their other SIX flavors. Seriously, though—have tried the other varieties? White cheddar, gouda, mozzarella, sharp, light, cheddar, and of course, original. SO good.



We’ve been long-time fans of Mini Babybel. I love that they’re made with 100% real cow’s milk, 70 calories or less, and that they’re the perfect size for little hands. It’s easily our favorite go-to treat all year round, and I’m not just saying that since we got some for free!


I like that we’ve started this pumpkin carving tradition with our kids. I’m already looking forward to next year!


We still have have two more pumpkins to carve, but I’ll get around to those later tonight!


Tell me about your favorite Mini Babybel flavor, and be honest: who eats more of them—you, or your kids?!



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