I Really, Really, Really Want to Have a Girl

I was at a blogging conference the morning I found out I was pregnant with baby number three.

This mom of two girls is pregnant with her third child, and admits she wants another girl, and why she's nervous about having possibly having a boy.

And, it just so happened that I RSVP’d a couple weeks earlier to be part of a round-table discussion about pregnancy and babies at the conference.

I originally signed up because I figured there would be good material for the blog, and then, SURPRISE! It turned out I was pregnant.

When I sat down at the table for the conference discussion that morning, and as we all went around and introduced ourselves, I confessed that I just found out about baby number three that morning.

Then came the next question that EVERYONE always asks, especially after they find out that I have two girls: “Oh! So are you hoping it’s a boy?”

This mom of two girls is pregnant with her third child, and admits she wants another girl, and why she's nervous about having possibly having a boy.

So, are you hoping it’s a boy?

And that’s where I was at a crossroad.

I didn’t know these women, but I’ve learned from experience that people want to hear that you want a boy…or at the very least, just a healthy baby.

So I took a deep breath and said, “Actually, we’d really like another girl.

Then a very surprising thing happened: the women at my table clapped.

They clapped—all of them!—and said, “Good for you.”

You guys, they literally applauded me for not giving in to society, but instead for saying what I really wanted.

My husband has always said he wants three girls, and now that we’re here, I really, really, really want to have another girl. But.

….there’s always a but.

I’m pretty darn positive this is a boy. Call it mother’s intuition, an inkling, or maybe just wishful thinking, but I’ll be shocked if we don’t see a little you-know-what on the anatomy scan next month. Although, if it is a boy, at least I’m covered with things to get him now!

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Here’s the thing.

With my dad getting sick just as I got pregnant, and then with him passing away a few weeks later, I just feel like if it’s a boy it’s God’s way of saying, “Hey. It’s okay. This is my gift to you.”

Then again, maybe thinking it’s a boy, and actually being okay with it, is just my way of coping with my dad’s passing.

On top of that, my symptoms are just different this time around. I broke out BIG time this pregnancy (never really did before), and my heartburn (which is usually here around week 15), hasn’t reared its ugly head yet (I’m almost at week 19). I know those are just two things, but they’re enough to make me think twice about this being a girl.

Either way, and even though I still really, really, really want to have a girl, I’ll be very much okay with having a boy. And that’s not something I could have said without bursting into tears the first two times around.

I guess only time will tell. We find out the day before Thanksgiving, so check back after the holiday to see what we’re adding to our family!

Spoiler alert: it’s a boy!


  1. I love your honesty! I desperately wanted a girl for my second child, and I felt a wave of disappointment when the sonogram showed it was a boy. The disappointment last for about 20 seconds because it looked like there was something seriously wrong with his kidneys. It turned out to be nothing, but I had to wait 20+ weeks to be sure. It was love at first sight, and he’s the perfect little brother and son. He’s my mini-me, and we couldn’t ask for a more perfect son. Boy or girl, he or she will be perfect for your family. I promise!

  2. I swear I wanted another girl with the second! Then bam, boy! Goodness, I want another boy now lol Because one Penny is enough for me!! Good thing I’m not finding out 😛

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