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I’m a freak of nature when it comes to candy. Unless it was Twizzlers or Reece’s (cups or pieces), I didn’t want anything to do with it. This made my brother extremely happy, because when it came time to go through all of our Halloween loot, he’d get the majority of my candy. That’s not the freak of nature part, though. You see, I’d take those coveted candies, and I’d hide them around my room. I didn’t want to eat them all right away. Nope. I wanted to savor them and be excited about finding a piece of candy later.

My husband, on the other hand, will literally devour an entire Costco-sized bag of candy faster than I could get around to finishing one of those fun-sized Twizzlers. True story.


I was wondering if my kids would get his sweet tooth or my savory fare, and my question was answered over the weekend. We went to a Trunk or Treat festival at our church, and there was so.much.candy. Their little Halloween buckets were filled to the brim practically before we could even make our way around to all the trunks.

And of course, when they gather candy, they want to eat the candy. Maddie actually skipped the whole “unwrapping” aspect of eating candy, and tried—many, many, many times—to bite her way through the wrappers, because she couldn’t open them fast enough.


One thing was certain: these kids have a sweet tooth. On the bright side, we limited their sugar intake and made sure they paid extra attention to their pearly whites the last several days.img_7796


As an ambassador for Orajel for the Smilehood community, and to help spread the conversation between other moms about caring for little one’s teeth, I need to be honest with you. The other day I walked into their bathroom and noticed their toothbrushes were a little on the raggity and gross side. They were frayed, and had definitely seen better days. I picked up some new toothbrushes and instantly felt like mom of the year for replacing them so quickly (If only I could do the same for myself)!

And then Maddie did something awesome.

She’s in the adorable roll-play stage where she likes to “feed” her baby dolls. So when she kept asking me to open up her new toothbrush before I had a chance to take them upstairs I figured she was going to “brush” her baby doll’s teeth. I finally opened the toothbrush, and watched what she did with it: she promptly took her little Elmo toothbrush over to her overflowing Trunk or Treat Halloween basket and started brushing its teeth; it was too cute!


Now that Halloween is over, we’re left with waaaaaaay too much candy, so we’re taking our leftovers to a dentist around the corner. They donate excess candy to the local USO, and I’m happy to get rid of it all…just after I take out a few Twizzlers and Reese’s!

What do you do with all of your leftover Halloween candy, and are kids learning good teeth-brushing hygiene?

This post is sponsored by Orajel but all opinions are my own.



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  1. Um, I tried to give my leftover Halloween candy to my friends. I’m visiting my dad this week, and we didn’t get a single trick-or-treater! So now we have three bags of candy to dump… Two of my friends have been troupers and totally took a bunch. I have no idea what my dad will do with the rest.

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