7 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

Y’all, besides losing my mind, I’m also a pretty fantastic procrastinator, and let me tell you something: those two traits are a recipe for a disaster when you have to play Santa Clause to two toddlers and you have less than a week before Christmas day.

First of all: thank goodness for Amazon Prime. I had a minor major freak-out session yesterday when I realized we never bought the girls their gifts from The Big Jolly Guy with a White Beard. Luckily, that was all taken care of with a click of a few buttons. Second: Thank goodness stocking stuffers are small, little gifts, and that you don’t need to wrap them. (Or do you wrap them? SHOOT! Executive decision: our stockings will have non-wrapped gifts, because if I have to wrap one more gift…so help me…)

As for last-minute stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers, here’s what I have in mind that I know my girls (almost 4 and almost 2) will loooooove to see on Christmas morning. Now I just need to actually go pick them up from the store, and then remember to hide them where they won’t find them…but in a place where I’ll remember where I put them.

Not quite done Christmas shopping, and need a few last-minute stocking stuffers for toddlers in your life? Here's what to get!


Head to the party aisle at your favorite store (*cough* Target *cough*) and you can get a bag of like six tiny Play-doh containers! Perfect size for little fingers and little stockings. Get some online here.

Coloring Books and Crayons

Roll up a brand new coloring book with a few new crayons taped to it, and you’ll have some happy campers! 


Need I say more? Toddlers go bananas over bubbles, and thankfully, they come in perfect stocking-stuffer sizes without breaking the bank. Too cold to play with bubbles outside? Make it a bath-time treat!

Not quite done Christmas shopping, and need a few last-minute stocking stuffers for toddlers in your life? Here's what to get!


I’ve shared my kids’ love for brushing their teeth a time or two, so I already know their reaction will be nothing but excitement when they see a My Little Pony, Paw Patrol, or Elmo Orajel toothbrush sticking out of their stockings. Actually, my husband doesn’t know it, but we’re all getting toothbrushes this year, so brushing can be a family affair—I have a feeling the girls will get a kick out of seeing us get some fun toothbrushes in our stockings, too. 


I quickly discovered that Band-aids are pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread when you’re a kid. The problem is that they’re not exactly the kind of “stickers” I let them play with at any given time (you have to earn that band-aid with blood!), but I thought a special pack of Band-aids that they could go to town with, could be fun for Christmas. If the thought of cutting them off from Band-aids cold turkey after that pack is out, then stick with some new, fun stickers instead!


Our kids don’t get candy or treats too often, so Christmas morning could be a fun time to give them a little something they wouldn’t normally get to eat. I wouldn’t even make them eat their whole meal before eating it. Talk about a #ChristmasMiracle. It’s a good thing I’m Santa’s giving them toothbrushes this year so they can brush those sweets away.

“Lip Gloss” and Nail Polish

I’m about to enter the world of boys soon, and while I’m sure boy moms may not run out to get these for their son, I have a feeling my little guy will grow up with his nails painted, courtesy of his older sister. My girls LOVE painting their nails, so some new hues for them would make them down-right giddy. Add in some kid-friendly chap stick…I mean “lip gloss,” as they call it, and their stocking will be the talk of Christmas morning!

Do you have any last-minute stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers? I’m all ears!

* This post is sponsored by Orajel, and I’m thankful to be party of the Smilehood community; all opinions are my own.







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