I Seriously Can’t Remember Anything

This is the second time I’m writing this post, because after I wrote part of it the first time, I pressed the back button on my browser, and forgot to save it. Oops! All that hard work of rambling during 30 minutes of my precious alone time one morning went down the Internet drain. Two weeks later (or maybe three…I really don’t know), I’m back and trying to remember what I was confessing back then. How’s that for some pregnancy brain?

y'all gonna make me lose my mind

Here’s the thing: the little boy I’m currently growing is sucking up every single cell in my brain. Seriously. I call my mom and husband about 10 times a day, and half of those calls involve me saying, “Shoot; I forgot what I was going to say.” Or, I’ll be mid-sentence in a conversation with my husband, and then I just stop. The words…the thoughts, they completely fail me, and I have zero clue what I was actually talking about. I don’t remember it being this bad when I was pregnant with the other two.

Luckily I’m not forgetting things yet. I still know where my keys are, and I can still remember to pick my daughter up from preschool (probably only because I set an alarm on my phone), but I will literally start doing something and then all of a sudden can’t remember why I opened the refrigerator door in the first place (and that scenario happens several times while making a single meal). Multi-tasking isn’t even an option any more. My brain literally can’t handle doing or thinking of more than one thing at a time.

I’m getting enough sleep, because I love sleep. I’ll even “rest my eyes” during the day if need-be when my kids are immersed in Paw, Mickey, or Daniel Tiger. Thank the heavens for television when your pregnant and losing your mind. I’m eating plenty of greens and protein, and keeping the carbs down, but for whatever reason, this pregnancy brain is definitely something that’s ringing true this go-around.

On the bright side, some symptoms that I’ve always had with the other two pregnancies aren’t even apparent at all this time. The thing is, I can’t talk about them for fear of them popping up and exposing their ugly side effects; I’m not willing to jinx that right now. Just trust me when I say that I’m feeling pretty good…especially after my recent trip to New Mexico where I ate tons of spicy food and didn’t have to sleep sitting up…if you know what I mean.

Pregnancy brain: it's real.

Perhaps I can actually blame this on my other two kids right now. Maybe they are sucking out all of my brain cells, just trying to keep up with them every day. Either way, my lovely, adoring, sometimes angelic, crazy children, are making me lose my ever-loving mind!  In the meantime, and for the next 3.5ish months (until the new mom brain sets in), I’ll just be the crazy mom who forgets things.

*The awesome mug in the pictures is from Etsy, and it’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. My husband got it for me last year for Christmas (or my birthday…or Mother’s Day…I honestly can’t remember. Go figure.)
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  1. That mug is amazing! Despite not remembering things I’m glad everything else is going well with your pregnancy! And yay for lots of sleep!

  2. Oh gosh. It’s 100x worse this time around. I’m convinced it’s a boy because I lost my brain while pregnant with Thomas and it keeps going further!

    1. I’m so glad you think it’s worse, too. I’m in utter shock every time I can’t remember something! Heaven-forbid I have 4th…I won’t remember a thing!

  3. yes to that mug and omg i’m pregnant with our second ( also a boy! ) and i keep forgetting everything as well! when are you due?! i think were close in due dates! you got this lady!

  4. Omg I can’t remember anything anymore!!! Being a mom of two I’m constantly thinking thinking thinking which I guess makes me forget. It’s come to the point when I’m at work I legit walk around with post it notes to write things down. Lol


    Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,
    Lisa Doyle


  5. Haha, with each child I lose more and more brain cells and I never get them back… my mom was just telling me that each time you push out a child you push out some brain cells too. I think that’s true. 😉 Also, I lost part of a post the other day in a similar way, but luckily my husband was right there and before I could have a full-on freak out moment he told me some wizard magic way to get it back by pushing ALT and sometimes else?… I can’t remember. Big surprise.

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