My Kids are Basically Terrified of Santa

My kids are basically terrified of Santa…and it makes me laugh. I know, I know, that’s mean of me, and I’m sure there are tons of articles and posts out there, about how they’ll be tormented by this experience for years to come. But whatever. It’s life, and they’ll be fine. Although, maybe that explains why they don’t like guys with beards…

Anyway, as babies and young toddlers, they like “talking” about Santa, and seeing his picture everywhere, but actually meeting him and sitting on his lap? No way, Jose.

I stumbled on this old post of Julia and some classic, get-me-outta-here pictures, and then there’s the gem above from Christmas last year with both girls visiting Ol’ Saint Nick.

Julia grew out of her Santa-is-the-scariest-man-alive phase, but Madilyn is most certainly still in it. The funny thing is that she’ll talk about Santa, point to him in pictures and on TV, and giggle like crazy. But get her near Kris Kringle, and we’ll have a very uncharacteristic meltdown.

….at least it makes for some good holiday memories. I can’t wait to get this new picture printed and in a frame, so we can see it for years to come.


P.S. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

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