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Family Photos: Party of 4.5

Over the weekend we woke up the girls early, slipped on our Saturday best, and headed to the Rancho Bernardo Inn for some family photos.

I realize I just posted about taking family pictures, but the ironic thing is that my little family of four haven’t taken pictures in more than a year. We were going to forgo the whole thing (because finding a new photographer when you move is hard), but then something amazing happened: I won a mini photo session with a fantastic photographer!

I met Jess, of Jess Kunert Photography, at a military spouse vendor fair a couple of months ago, and I entered a giveaway she had going on for a free mini session. I totally wasn’t expecting to win, (but I did have my fingers and toes crossed), so I was pretty ecstatic when she called my name!

Her work is wonderful—it has that soft romantic feel to it with lots of natural light…plus she knows the best spots in North San Diego for photos. Another plus, is that she came prepared with a bubble machine for the girls. Thankfully the little ladies woke up on the right side of their beds and were all smiles for the camera.

Since I’m a giant procrastinator, we didn’t send out Christmas cards this year (or last year, or the year before, or in any year since 2011). But now that we have a few gems, I’m going to create some Valentine cards and send our friends and family some love next month. (If you’re our friends and family just pretend you never saw these pictures when your card arrives.)

I’ve been seriously slacking on taking pictures of this growing belly. I’m 28 weeks, and I think I only have a handful (like, literally five photos), of this baby bump, so I’m really thankful to have at least another one to add to the pile, especially since I don’t know if specific maternity photos are on the horizon this time around.

Now it’s time to get some of these printed and up on our walls. It’s crazy that these will likely be the last pictures of just the four of us, and that the next time we have photos taken there will be a plus one, and a little boy at that!

If you’re in the San Diego/Oceanside area, I highly recommend getting in touch with Jess Kunert Photography for your photos (website, Facebook, Instagram).






  1. Your photos are beautiful! Congratulations on your new addition! Where did you take your photos? I love the idea of sending out Valentine’s Day cards. It’s a nice surprise. Plus I always forget to send out Christmas cards. Just followed Jess on IG and FB!

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