Potential Baby Boy Names

If I thought it was hard picking out a girl name, then I don’t know what I was thinking. A boy name, it turns out, is about 50 million times more difficult. Do we go super traditional, or something unique? Do we make sure it sounds great with the girls’ names, or just that it sounds good in general? Too much to think about!

Thankfully, we have two little ones to help us out this time. Since they’ll have to live with their new baby brother’s name as long as we do, we figured we’d let them have a shot at adding their favorite names to the selection.

So here are my almost four year old’s favorite potential baby boy names:

1. Eggy (as in, “Mama! When he asks for eggs in the morning it’ll be funny”!)
2. Cheesy (as in, “Mama! I like cheese, so how about “Cheesy”?)
3. Jack-a-doodle-do (my personal favorite)
4. Tree Housey
5. Mountain Carly Charlie

Personally, I’m leaning towards Jack-a-doodle-do. #KidsSayTheDarndestThings





  1. O that is so cute as are the Instagram stories she has been posting! If you want any suggestions of unique names from Sweden let me know, Fredrik’s fathers name is Christer which I really like!

  2. I like Tree Housey 😉

    But true story, part of the reason Thomas is Thomas is because Penny latched on to that name, and in the end we thought we might as well just go with it.

  3. The Korean word for baby is aegi, which sounds like Eggy. Your hija is on to something! Haha.

  4. My youngest sister, when she was four, wanted to name all babies “Flipflop.” And, now, my two year old, names all his babies, “Waffle.” Little kids are so funny!

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