Madilyn Rose Turns TWO!

Our spunky little Maddie-roo just turned two!

It seems like just yesterday I gave birth to her, and here I am a few weeks away from doing it all over again. Crazy.

Madilyn is fiercely independent, but yet adores and mimics anything her older sister does and says. She talks a lot (we’re still working on trying to actually understand her half the time). Cheese is her favorite food in the entire world, and she gives the absolute best hugs and kisses—she started doing this thing where she kisses both sides of our cheeks, and then smacks one on our lips; it’s adorable.

I remember being so nervous about bringing another baby into our family—how could we love someone as much as our first, and what if she and Julia didn’t get along? But now there’s absolutely no way we imagine our life without her, and I’m so excited to watch her grow this year.

We kept her birthday pretty low-key, but I’m certain she had fun, because she kept her little dimpled smile on her face throughout the day. I took Julia to the store the day before her birthday and gave her $10 to buy her sister whatever she wanted. She picked out a little baby doll, a Paw Patrol ball, and a purple (Maddie’s favorite color) truck.

The girls love breakfast, so we kicked things up a notch and had waffles with homemade whipped cream, and sprinkles…lots and lots of sprinkles!

During nap time, Julia really wanted to make a cake for her sister, so we did just that! Thanks to a box of cake mix and some red and purple food coloring (and even more sprinkles), we created a little mini purple birthday cake for her sister. I love that Julia made most of it, and kept saying how excited she was for her sister to see it!

The girls played outside during the day and soaked in the sun, and we enjoyed a quiet day with just our little family.

We asked the birthday girl what she wanted for dinner and she wanted chicken nuggets and cheese, so that’s what she got…and her birthday cake, of course!

I’ll miss my snuggle bug as she grows up more, but I can’t wait to see her as a little lady and not just my baby.

Happy birthday, Madilyn Rose!

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