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Life lately has been a little on the busy side…hence the lack of posts over here. My mom flew into town the day my husband left (he was away for work…no worries!), and we just hung out the whole time she was here. Actually, we did way more than just hanging out. We crossed things off my to-do list left and right, which was really, really nice. I thought I’d spend my days just relaxing while she watched the girls, but it was just the opposite. While she was an immense help with the kids and doing the dishes every night (thanks, mom!!!) we also hardlgy ever stopped…until the kids went to bed, and then we watched some movies together.

So what have I been up to lately? I thought you’d never ask!

We finally went through all of the girls’ clothes. I’ve weeded them out here and there over the years, but for the most part, I’ve kept 4 years worth of clothes since I didn’t know if we’d have another girl. Now that the little man is on the way, it was time to part with the bins of stuff I’ve been hanging onto.

I hired a sitter one morning, and my mom and I tackled the clothes…then we turned around and took them to a consignment store. I debated trying to sell them at a yard sale, but I just wanted them out of the house at this point. I ended up scoring HUGE at Baby Go Round Resale. The only big-ticket items we had on our list for baby number three was a new bassinet, a little bouncer thing, and a second Pack ‘n Play. Well, I got all of that, plus clothes for him (and some shorts and a nursing dress for me) for only $50 total thanks to consigning. SCORE!

We took the bins to another consignment store up north called Caterpiller Kids Resale, and I sold an additional $40 worth of things, and picked up even more clothes for him and the girls. I’m saving the rest of the clothes and shoes for a yard sale in a couple of months, and then I’ll donate the rest.

My mom’s trip to San Diego wouldn’t be complete without taking a trip to the beach, which is exactly what we did one morning. I’m so thankful to live in such a gorgeous place. Although I will say that I miss the days of just relaxing at the beach instead of having to make sure the little people don’t run too far into the ocean. They keep me on my toes!

We went the beach a second time for Julia’s birthday. My first-born turned four in the blink of an eye! She kept saying it was the best day ever, which is music to my ears. I had some pretty major mom guilt for not throwing her a party, but I just couldn’t get it together.

My mom also wanted to see the seals while she was here, so we went down to La Jolla to check them out. It’s actually “pup” season right now, so we saw a lot of baby seals! I’m happy to check this off my San Diego bucket list 🙂

Instead of having a party for Julia, we celebrated with some new cereal for breakfast (her pick; I love that it doesn’t take much to satisfy kids sometimes), mac & cheese for lunch, Chick-Fil-A for dinner, lots of presents, and tons of birthday cards! I asked friends and family to send her cards, and holy cow did they deliver. She probably got around three or four dozen birthday cards, if not more!

At 36 weeks, my pregnancy is going well. I had a momentary breakdown where I was tired of being pregnant, and confessed that I didn’t love pregnancy this time around. Thankfully, I’m feeling better about things, and last week I was actually loving my giant bump…even if I was getting tired of comments from strangers. (Side note: it’s never, ever nice to ask someone if she’s about to pop before you ask how far along she is. I have around a month left…I’m not “popping” tomorrow thankyouverymuch. I just make big babies.) This weekend I felt huge, though, and everything ached. These last few weeks of pregnancy totally ebbs and flows with how I feel at any given moment.

Speaking of my big ol’ belly, I recently did a project with at least a dozen other women with the San Diego Moms Blog, and it’s going to be AMAZING. I can’t wait to share more about it. In the meantime, here’s a quick sneak peek at what we were up to.

My gestational diabetes is also fine and dandy (never thought I’d say that about diabetes). My numbers are looking great, and I’m still diet/exercise controlled. As long as I can get it to stay like that, there’s more room for discussion as far as what my labor will look like, which is a comforting thought now that I’m getting closer to my due date.

The girls and I are a little obsessed with watching April the Giraffe and seeing if she’s had her baby yet. Speaking of more animals; when my mom was here, we put a hummingbird feeder outside, so the girls are having a blast watching the little birds come by. Actually, we just got a second feeder, because so many keep trying to eat from the one we have.

The weather is warming up over here, which is extremely nice, unless you’re eight months pregnant and everything feels about 20-degrees hotter than it actually is. In other words, I’m extremely hot and wish I had a fan permanently facing my face. On the bright side, the girls are enjoying playing outside, and I’m thankful they have a place to play. It was always so hot and so buggy in Georgia, that the thought of just stepping foot outside was ridiculous.

We moved the girls into a different room. My husband painted it pink, and we’ve been slowly getting it into shape. Over the weekend we moved their beds in there, so they’ve officially spent the night in their new digs (despite the pictures, Madilyn does have her crib in there; once the room is set up, I’ll post some more pictures of it).

I personally love their room; it’s girly and they have so much fun playing in there. Plus, it gets the best light in the house, so it’s almost always bright and cheery in there!

Now I want to make the nursery for the little man, but I’m stuck on what to do. Right now it’s a great space, but it desperately needs some decoration. I’m just having a hard time deciding if I want to go with navy blue or a nice mint/teal color for his room. First-world-problems, I know, but these are the things that keep a pregnant lady up at night!

I wish I had more time to write, but right now my thoughts and time are consumed with either trying to stay awake (hello, exhaustion), or just staying busy (which makes me tired!). In the mean time, I’m still working my Pampered Chef business (ahem: you can get any piece of stoneware for 60% off when you host a party with me in April!!!), and I’m adding people to my team left and right, which is really exciting.

We’re four weeks away from the due date, and I hope to be on here a little more before then since I know life will get even busier once he’s here. If you want more from me, make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Facebook, since I can usually pop over there and leave some quick pictures/notes in less time than it takes these days to sit and write out a post!



  1. You’ve been so busy! I don’t know how you manage it all while pregnant.

    The girls’ room looks so cute.

    I vote teal/mint with navy accents. Which you realize are my blog colors (minus the pink and gold), right? 😉

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