What I’ll Miss About Being Pregnant

Unless we have an “accident” in the future, this baby will most likely be our last. Of course, now that we’re in the final days before he’s here (I’m currently 39 weeks and 3 days), I’m getting a little on the emotional side thinking about never being pregnant again.

The other night my husband was telling me that this would be the last time such and such would happen, and I almost broke down in tears. As hard, as draining, and as much as I haven’t loved every aspect of this pregnancy, I’m sure as hell going to miss it.

In the grand scheme of things nine months is a blip on the radar, but pregnancy can feel like forever. Here's what I'll miss about being pregnant.

Things I’ll miss about being pregnant…

  • Feeling their big (and little) kicks.
  • Having new “tiger stripes” spread across my belly (the pic above is from my first pregnancy)
  • Seeing my kids’ faces light up when they see and feel my belly move
  • Seeing my husband’s face light up when he sees and feels his baby move
  • Watching my belly grow, and being in awe of just what our bodies are capable of.
  • The excitement, wonder, and nervousness, of when I’ll go into labor
  • Keeping the baby’s name a secret….our own little family secret
  • Having an excuse to eat whatever I want*
  • Feeling the baby practice breathing (something I felt with julia and this baby)
  • That moment when someone asks you when you’re due, and you say “yesterday,” or “tomorrow.”
  • Walking waddling a mile at 9 months pregnant and feeling like a freaking rock star after
  • Setting up the baby’s room
  • Going registry shopping (even if we’re the only one buying things this time!)
  • Feeling hiccups
  • Being able to relax and literally put my feet up at the end of the day
  • Coffee ice cream
  • Using my belly as a table
  • The rush of labor and the euphoric phase that comes after

Honestly, I’m simply going to miss the pure amazement and excitement of being pregnant. After I have a baby I usually feel phantom kicks, which is always so weird, but they also remind me that my womb is empty. I get really sad when I think about my body never having this moment again.

Nine months (or 10 is how it feels like since I usually always go over with my kids) is such a short blip in time all things considered, even though these last weeks feel like forever. But once they’re out…they’re out, and I’ll never be pregnant again.

I’m trying to really soak in these last few days—as long and as tiring as they are. I know a whole different set of emotions and a completely different stage of life will begin once he’s out. But for now, I’ll relish being pregnant.

If you’ve been pregnant before, what do you miss about pregnancy?




  1. The thing I loved the most about being pregnant was eating whatever I wanted. Haha! And afterwards I hated that when people thought I looked pregnant it was only because I was still fat.

  2. Many of these things are what I miss about pregnancy. We have just one and know that we won’t be having anymore but I fondly recall all the “perks” of pregnancy.

  3. I love this list. Pregnancy was pretty easy for me until the last couple of weeks, so I really didn’t mind it too much beyond the normal aches and pains and sleepless nights. I definitely miss the kicks and just knowing that my body was capable of housing a baby.

  4. I miss so much…I knew when I saw the title of your post that I would love it and identify with it. My baby is almost 3 and I was just thinking about being pregnant. I think the thing I miss the most is the wonder and amazement of carrying a life…it really is one of the neatest miracles and we get to participate!

  5. I do get sad sometimes knowing that I won’t feel those kicks anymore. And a brand new baby on your belly is one of the best feelings ever so that’s sad to never feel again but the bigger kids are cute too. :p

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