Logan John (one month)

Why must these little babies grow up so fast? I’m definitely more emotional with this baby since I know he’s almost positively our last. I just want to keep him snuggled up on me in his little newborn ball forever, but I know that every day he’s getting a little bit bigger. #TheStruggleIsReal

Logan’s birth story is coming. Ironically, he was the fastest birth, but his story is turning into a novel, so I’m figuring out my plan for how to share it. In the meantime, here are his one-month stats.

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Nicknames: Logan John (but said in a deep “lumberjack” voice). LJ.

Likes: Eating and sleeping on mama (or anyone else who is comfy), looking at the window blinds, watching his sisters, tummy time, being swaddled, having a pacifier (neither of the girls took one)

Dislikes: having his diaper changed, having his nose suctioned, being in a wrap (which is breaking my heart)

Milestones: surviving a whole month! He’s had almost full head control since day two (that’s what happens when you push out a toddler, apparently).

10lb, 9oz (up 4 ounces from birth), and 22-inches

Clothing Size:
0-3 months

Pretty good. He’ll sleep for a decent 3-4 hour stretches, wake up to eat, and then we can put him back down. (My husband may have a different answer. After I feed him for a good 20-30 minutes I pretty much pass out until I hear him cry again.

Random Tidbits: 
I’m really, really bummed that he doesn’t like being in my wrap. I think I need to put him in there when he’s totally content (like just after he eats), but that’s not always how life works. Besides that, he’s just freaking adorable. I can’t get enough of his little face, and his full head of hair. He’s even stinkin’ cute when he makes a super sad face. 

He was on so many antibiotics during his first week of life that it gave him HORRIBLE diaper rash. After using some Water Wipes and Triple Paste (the only combo that ended up working for him), it’s finally almost cleared up, but he screamed bloody murder whenever he’d poop or pee (which was at least after every feeding), and then again when we’d clean and change him. He’s a much happier baby now that that’s simmering out.

Also, changing a boy after two girls is a total culture shock.

How are Mama and Papa Doing?
: We’re good. Everyone keeps saying that they’re shocked at how much we’ve been doing, but really…life goes on. I do feel rested for the most part, and I still take a nap pretty much every day, but we have two other kids, and things to do, so it’s not like we can just set up camp at home. Our last visitors left yesterday, though, so now we’re about to start figuring out our new normal. Wish us luck!!



  1. Haha culture shock. I was asking my husband “what do I even do with a baby penis?” 😉

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