Logan John (four months)

Knowing this is my last baby has me feeling all the feels all the time with Logan. Every time he smiles at me I feel a piece of my heart melt. Gosh, that’s corny, but it’s so true. He can spot me from across the room and I literally see his face light up. All.The.Feels.

He’s had some fussiness creep in a little bit in the last couple weeks, but we’ve discovered that he’s typically either hangry or sleepy. Give him some food, or let the boy sleep, and he’ll be fine and dandy. He gets that from his mama. Speaking of sleep: he sleeps almost anywhere, and it’s delightful! I can rock him in my arms, and in just a few minutes he’ll be out like a light (none of the other girls would fall asleep in my arms). Or if he’s playing on the floor he’ll just roll over, get comfy, and fall asleep. It’s adorable.

This past month he also lost most of his hair. Poor little dude just has a patch of long hair sticking up in the back, and the rest is pretty much gone. It’s also much lighter now—some people think it’s red, but I’m pretty sure it’s just light brown. His face has also filled out more in the past month. My little boy is growing up!

Four Month Stats

Nicknames: Logan Bear, Wee Man, Dude, Mister Poops Through

Likes: Nursing, watching his sisters, watching everybody, making eye contact with people, being swaddled, the pacifier, hanging out on my shoulder, the Dockatot, when we push out his toots, rolling over, sitting up.

Dislikes: not having anyone around him (he gets lonely), having a dirty diaper, being over tired

Milestones: He’s awake a lot more often these days, and he’s started not just reaching for things, but grabbing them, and playing with them. He loves reading/looking at books. Put a book in front of him and read it to him, and he almost instantly calms down.

no idea…we’re out of town, so we’ll find out when we get back.

Clothing Size:
3-6, but more like 6 month; I just don’t want to get rid of anything that says 3 months in it, because want him to stay my little baby forever.

We still love the Dockatot and actually brought it with us on our trip. The 4-month sleep regression is hitting us a little bit…instead of him sleeping through the night, he’s waking up around 2-3 times, which is still like 10 times better than his sisters did at this point.

Random Tidbits: He went on his first plane ride, and even got his first pair of wings! He and my mom went with me to my Pampered Chef conference in Chicago. He did okay on the flights, and would’ve done better, but one of the flight attendants woke him up and then got all upset when he started crying. DUH…YOU WOKE HIM UP FROM A DEEP SLEEP!

How are Mama and Papa Doing?:We’re doing really well. We’re also coming to terms with the fact that he’s our last child. It’s such a big decision, but it’s something we’re feeling at peace with…I think.



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