Happy Halloween!

This lil pumpkin is dressing up like a skunk tonight—per his sisters’ request since, “He’s stinky, because he always poops.” It’s not like I could argue with their assessment. He does poop, and the poop is stinky. Sorry, little dude. You can be a super hero or a pirate, or whatever you want to be next year.

But this year…this year you get to be naked in a pumpkin, and then a skunk for Halloween.

By the way…follow me on Instagram and check out my stories later today from outtakes surrounding this photo. Let’s just start by saying that this was the only smiling picture I snapped. (Not that I could blame him…he was naked and in a pumpkin for crying out loud.)

Hope you all have a great, safe, and happy Halloween! What’s your plan for tonight? Costumes and candy, or lights out? 

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  1. lol! Kids are so funny. My oldest 2 convinced me to dress the baby like Boss Baby bc “omg mom, he IS the boss baby!” 😛

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