Trunk or Treat Ideas

Last year when our church announced they were doing a Trunk or Treat event, I did the only logical thing a mom could do: I started scrolling through Pinterest to look for trunk or treat ideas. I crossed out anything that involved the following: cutting, gluing, sewing, time, tons of material, tons of money, and anything scary.

As much as I wanted to have the coolest trunk in town, I also know that I’m lazy and have children who don’t understand the concept of fully helping. (Example: I was hanging something on the top of the trunk, and needed some tape. Julia, my oldest and most helpful/competent at this age wouldn’t—for the life of her—put down her little box of NERDS, so she proceeded to eat every single little nerd while taking one teeny tiny step at a time so she wouldn’t drop them, before finally reaching me with the much-needed tape. For the love.)

Anyway, since I’m also a procrastinator and always wait too long to come up with a plan, my plan for both years was this: raid one theme at Party City, and hope for the best.

Last year the Little Mermaid section looked pretty great, and Julia was Ariel for Halloween, so that worked out like a charm.

This year the girls kept going back and forth on what they wanted to be, so I couldn’t fall back on their costume to guide me. I did, however, like what I saw around the island/luau/tiki theme. I pretty much bought everything I saw in that section, and then threw some leis in the cart, and called it a night.

Thankfully, I think it turned out pretty good!

Also, can I just share my favorite picture of the girls for all the Internet to see? This just so perfectly depicts their personalities, and makes me happy.

My husband had a blue tarp for our “ocean,” and Amazon came through with an inflatable island “cooler” that we filled with candy, naturally. Everything else were simple party decorations. Easy peasy and hardly any effort at all (except for waiting for that tape.)

I suppose it was a good thing the girls decided to be mermaids again. Well, wait: super-hero, princess mermaids, according to the girls.

And Logan? Logan was Woody from Toy Story, because we didn’t want him to overheat in his actual costume for Halloween: a skunk!

Just in case you’re in the market for some trunk or treat ideas, I remembered to take pictures of other trunks at our event. Y’all, people have way more creativity than I do. I loved them all so much, and really need to up our game next year, because I don’t think we could pull off another water or island themed trunk again.

Have you been to or participated in a trunk or treat before? Tell me about it! Also…brownie points if you have ideas for us for next year…I’d love to do a whole family theme!



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