How We Enjoy a Four-Day Weekend

Four-day weekends don’t fall into our laps often, so we take advantage of them when they do. I’m going back in time a little bit for this post, because my husband was off for Veterans Day (aka, his birthday), and then another day to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday. We may be an Air Force family, but OORAH! Thanks for the day off, Marines!

On his first day off we did as most tired parents of three kids under 4 do: we napped the second the younger two fell asleep.

That nap, of course, didn’t last long since the oldest wanted to play, but I’ll take a little nap over no nap any day.

Thursday was pretty lazy, except that I had a Pampered Chef freezer meal workshop that night. Five lucky ladies prepped 10 meals in about two hours! It was great, and I’m excited to do one again soon…if you’re in the San Diego area and want to do this, just let me know and I’ll get you info.

Make This!!

Oh, and if you like Brie, you’ve gotta make this Tangy Pepper-Pecan Brie ASAP. It’s ridiculously easy, and a HUGE crowd hit. When you make it, double the “sauce,” and you can make it a little simpler by throwing all the ingredients (minus the cheese) into the food processor and giving it a whirl. Also, Brie at Costco is only like $5-something, which is a steal, so make this, and then thank me later when it’s gobbled up in like thirty seconds. 

Safari Park Fun

We took advantage of his second day off and spent the Friday morning at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Getting a membership there was easily one of the best decisions we made; I love that we can just go and spend a leisurely morning at the Safari Park or the zoo and know that we can go back whenever we want.

Because where else can you take a selfie with a lion or see giraffes up close and personal? Plus, it’s only like 15 minutes from our house, and it’s not very busy during the week, so it’s the perfect spot to spend a morning. The best part is that if you don’t see everything, we can always go back.

The girls always have a blast, and I’m always happy when I have my handsome helper by my side to wrangle all of the kids.

Breakfast Shenanigans

Saturday was my husband’s birthday, so we took him out to breakfast at a new-to-us spot, Breakfast Republic. The food was yummy, but it lacked a little in a few areas. It was crowded with kids at every table, but had no kids menu and no crayons or anything like that, and the staff (or at least the hostess and our server) didn’t seem well versed on how to manage kids at a table. (Fun fact: placing a HOT cast iron skillet in front of a baby is a big ol’ no-no). Obviously a restaurant’s job isn’t to entertain our kids, but we probably won’t go back until they’re much older.


Bookstore Fun

The birthday boy wanted to check out Barnes and Noble, and it happened to be our lucky day there, because they had tables set up for kids to explore and play.

The girls fell in love with Magna-Tiles and almost threw a fit when it was time to leave. (Grandmas, if you’re reading…this would make a pretty fabulous gift! Let’s chat about it!)

Unicorns for E V E R Y O N E!

Our afternoon had us riding unicorns! Nope, that’s not a typo. We went to a birthday party for some friends and they had pony’s there dressed up as unicorns. Talk about an awesome day at the park!

We ended his birthday with a date night to see Thor: Ragnarok. We’re huge fans of the Marvel movies, so it was exciting to see this one in the theater, and it didn’t disappoint! Hopefully we can see it again sooner than later.

Birthdays Last All Weekend

Since the girls had cake on Saturday, we let birthday boy have an extra day of celebration on Sunday, complete with a homemade blue cake, lots and lots of sprinkles, and exactly 34 candles on it.

I wrapped up our long weekend by hanging out with friends from the San Diego Moms Blog over at the new AR Workshop San Diego space! We made some home decor from scratch, and I can’t even begin to tell you how therapeutic and fun it was. I’d like to do a whole post on this place, so cross your fingers I can find the time to write about it soon! In the meantime, here’s what I made:

WHEW! Talk about a busy weekend. I love living in a place that allows us to do so much, and I truly love hanging out with my family. They’re pretty much my favorite people, and we have a lot of fun together!

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  1. This looks like such a fun weekend! And heck yeah to four-day weekends and the occasional holiday our Airmen get off for. Felix had a random day off a few weeks back, and although I couldn’t get off work, he did enjoy some extra down time (and cleaned the whole apartment!). I absolutely LOVE that sign! And if you’re a fan of baked Brie, definitely give this baked one a shot: you simply wrap a wheel of Brie in puff pastry, and before closing, sprinkle the top of the Brie with brown sugar, pecans and a liiiiittle bit of honey or pure maple syrup, wrap and bake. So delicious. I sometimes add a spoonful of raspberry preserves in place of the brown sugar, and it’s heaven.

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