Logan John (nine months)

We’re nearing the point where Logan’s getting close to being in that toddler stage, but still very much baby-like, so I’m clinging onto these last few months where he still wants to cuddle and nurse, and actually gets super happy when he sees me.

Don’t get me wrong: I actually love watching them grow up. Watching them explore and learn is one of the greatest joys of being a parent. But knowing he’s our last is making me appreciate this fleeting time more so than I did with my other kids. 

It helps that he’s a ridiculously happy baby and smiles any chance he can. Oh, Logan. You’ve captivated our family so much.

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Logan John: 9 months

Nicknames: Logan Bear, Wee Man, Boop or Boo-boo (what Maddie calls him), and Ju-ju (what Julia calls him). Kids are funny.

Likes: doing ALL the things: eating, standing, crawling, creeping, sleeping, nap time.

Dislikes: not having food to eat the second he’s out of food to eat; being alone, and getting over tired.

Milestones: He slept through the night TWICE this month, so that was glorious. Now he just needs to do it allllll the time. He also survived a night away without mama, which was also glorious (for mama).

Weight/Height: 18 lb, 5.5 ounces, and 27.5 inches. He’s still a wee little man, clocking in at 25% on the growth charts, but he’s doing fine on the growth chart, and his doctor isn’t worried in the slightest. 

Clothing Size: 9 months are working great.

Sleep: Sleep is good, and that’s all I”m going to say about that so I don’t jinx anything..

Random Tidbits:  He’s starting to mimic back to us. If we babble, he babbles, if we screech, he screeches. If we tap the table, he does the same. I love watching him grow and explore. I also love snuggling him.

How are Mama and Papa Doing? We’re doing good!

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