The London West Hollywood

“Oh, wow!” is exactly what I muttered under my breath as my Uber driver pulled under the ivy-laden archway path leading up to The London West Hollywood, just outside of Beverly Hills.

Warner Bros. Pictures so kindly hosted my stay and meals at The London West Hollywood for the 12 Strong press junket, and it was downright perfect. So perfect that I had to document it so I can remember that things like this actually sometimes happen to normal people.

Located just off the famous Sunset Blvd. is seriously an oasis within a big and bustling city. The London West Hollywood has a California chic vibe pared with Hollywood glamour. In other words: it’s a dream come true.

The Hotel Room

My room for the night was pristine and perfect: a suite with a plush couch, a charming balcony overlooking Los Angeles, a mini bar, and a perfect bed. Perfect, by the way, because it was alllllll mine.

The Bathroom

But my favorite part of the room? It was the bathroom. Yup. It was the most luxurious bathroom I’ve ever stepped foot in.

Seriously. This bathroom was amazing. A huge tub, TWO showers, a mosaic floor and walls, and floor to ceiling mirrors (which came in handy since I was getting all dolled up).

It was so spa-like, that I wished I stayed up all night to enjoy every amenity in there. Especially that tub—I’m kicking myself for not making myself take a bath. I did, at the very least, enjoy their lush bath robes after taking a relaxing shower one night.

Relax and Unwind

Since I was flying solo for this trip, I took full advantage of my surroundings and lived it up as best I could, starting with room service.

A hot and delicious pizza was at my room less than 30 minutes after I ordered it.

It came piping hot, and was perfect for my late lunch. Plus, I ate it all. by. myself!

With a little time to kill before I had to meet my group, I opened the door to the patio and read part of a book. A BOOK! It’s been months (years?) since I’ve had time to just stop and read in silence. (I read Origin by Dan Brown, in case you’re curious.)

So let’s recap: I read part of a book in silence and I ate an entire pizza without having to share. See? A literal dream come true.

I got ready for the evening’s events—a cocktail and apps hour with the fellow bloggers on the trip, and then the screening of the movie—by using their adorable vanity. I plugged in my phone, turned up the jams, and had fun getting ready.

The Food at the WeHo

I mingled with the nine other bloggers downstairs at The London Bar, and we sampled appetizer after appetizer—and they were all phenomenal. Like…I wanted to scarf my face with all the apps, but had to restrain myself and be lady like since there were all new friends.

My favorites were their stack of fries, aka Triple Cooked Crisps, Verde Pizza (because I’m a sucker for arugula on pizza, and their Burrata with Candied Pecans, Cherries, Mission Figs. Oh. My gosh. It was served on this big piece of toast, and I wanted to eat all of them. I kept my cool and sampled everything else instead.

The food at The WeHo’s newly renovated London Bar and Boxwood, I quickly realized, was not your regular hotel grub—it was creative and sumptuous. Executive Chef Anthony Keene is the creative force behind the menus, and I give him two thumbs up.

Movie Time in the Screening Room

After our cocktails and apps, we went next door to the screening room—yup, there’s an actual theater in the hotel.

photos above taken by Kelly Clare Photography

Just in case you’re wondering (because I was curious), popcorn and treats were provided. And since I didn’t have my husband’s hand to hold onto during certain parts of the movie, I certainly enjoyed having some popcorn to munch on.

Room Service, Baby!

My thoughts of the food were amplified the next morning for breakfast. Because, once again, when the opportunity arises, you take advantage of your situation and live to the fullest. And my fullest included breakfast in bed.

The London West Hollywood actually offers a complimentary European breakfast, but I just couldn’t pass up having it delivered right to my door. I picked their traditional English Breakfast—because when in “London”—and it was perfect. It reminded me of my days when I lived in Britain and used to eat that for breakfast every now and again.

We had our press interview after breakfast, and while we waited there, they had even more food for us! I skipped out on what they offered since I already ate, but oh how I wish I left some room to try all the samplings they had out.

…And More Food

Before I left, and before our round table with Chris Hemsworth, I had lunch downstairs at the Boxwood. The food was outstanding; I’m still dreaming about their cauliflower fritters and the Brussels sprouts—not pictured, because we all devoured them.

I picked their Hake Fish and Chips for lunch, and it didn’t disappoint. It was filling and flavorful, which is everything you want in fish and chips. 

While I wish I stayed there longer and could explore every inch of the hotel, I was only there for one glorious night. The service was impeccable, and I’m almost happy the rooftop pool was being renovated during my stay, because peeling myself away from there would have been near impossible.

If you want to see a video walk through of my room, check out the highlight reel on Instagram’s app!

If you had a night away like this, what would you indulge in the most?




  1. That looks like such a blast! Now I want to go. I have not heard of that hotel before, but now it’s on my list!

  2. My son and I also stayed there in January….loved reading your post. Yes, it was an amazing hotel!!

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