You’re Invited to my Birthday Bash!

Because when you turn 34 (tomorrow, by the way) the thought of having an actual birthday party for yourself seems rather silly. Maybe I’ll have one when I turn 40 (whaaaaat?!), but for now, I plan on spending my 34th birthday shuffling kids around, running errands, and picking up a milkshake at Chick-fil-A and pretending it’s my birthday cake.

My husband gets to go do Air Force/Marine stuff for my big day (such is life; he’ll miss three out of the next four birthdays in our house), so my birthday starts day one of our “Let’s Do This” motto.

I wanted to do something, though. So I decided to bring the party online. I’ve been having Pampered Chef parties online for the past two and a half years, and now it’s finally time to host my own for the companies I like. (Don’t worry…I’m still selling PC; I’m just sharing the love for this party!)

So I’m doing it! I’m hosting a combo party with Beautycounter and ColorStreet. Have you heard of either of them? If you have, then you know they’re awesome. If you haven’t, then here’s my brief rundown:


Beautycounter: It’s basically like clean eating, but for your skin. There are so many chemicals out there that’s in stuff we use, and now that I’m getting older, I care about what I use. Does this mean that I’m perfect and use organic everything and pay attention to everything I put in and on my body? No. But it means that I’m starting to make little changes here and there.

From makeup and skincare to bath and body and hair, Beautycounter has something for everyone—including men, babies, and kids. I love, love, love that they are looking at the safer side of things. Yes, the prices are a smidgen higher than if you picked something up from Target (there I typically shop), but I see their stuff as a treat that’s actually an investment for myself. Putting makeup on in the morning—even if it’s just their Dew Skin, is how I get a little “me time” in every day. Treat yourself, right?

I personally have my eye on more of their makeup and maybe some face masks! I need to explore all they have to offer more. Do you use Beautycounter? What do you love?

My friend and fellow military spouse is sharing her passion for Beautycounter and safer things, and I’ll share my favorites over there, too. Join the party here and/or follow her group for more info on all things about safe products.

Color Street

Speaking of treating yourself, have you heard of Color Street?

Oh my goodness, this is seriously the coolest thing since mood changing nail polish came out. (Do you remember those?)

So, Color Street: they’re actual nail polish strips. This may sound familiar with another company out there, but the low down here is that you don’t have to heat anything up, which means it’s easy peasy.

Y’all, it’s soooooooo easy! There’s no drying time, and they literally just stick on, but it’s actual nail polish. The hardest part (seriously) is trying to decide which design you want to use, because they’re all so awesome.

Another cool selling point is that they actually stay on. I use my fingers A LOT every day. Three kids, plus all the typing I do, and all the cooking I do means that traditional polish—even with top coats—starts cracking on the tips. Color Street strips stay on FOREVER. Okay, not forever, but for a really long time—around a month, I’d say.

Don’t believe me? Look at this:

I got the glitter strip as a sample at one of her first parties, and walked around with “naked” nails for about a week and a half before I finally painted the other ones. This is how the other nails look after one week (no top coat, because I don’t have time to wait for all of those coats to dry), and the glitter is after 18 days!

Maria will be our Color Street stylist, and she’s been with CS since before they even launched; now she’s working her way up the ladder, and is totally succeeding. I’m excited to check out her portion during the party. Check out here Facebook group for more info, too.

Join my party, yo!

So there you go, my birthday bash in a nutshell. Maybe I’ll even go a little crazy and hand out some Pampered Chef things during the party, too. I’m pretty excited to play hostess, and I love that it can all be online since I have friends from all over the place!

If you’d like to join the party, we’d love to have you—consider this your invitation! Here’s the link to join; there’s no pressure to buy anything, but feel free to check it out.

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