What Mama REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE the Terracotta pot I got last year for Mother’s Day. I mean, I actually cried when I saw it for the first time, because it was so stinkin’ thoughtful, and my husband got all three kids’ hand prints on it (including our less-than a month old baby). I’ll keep it with us, wherever we move, from now until forever.

What Mama REALLY Wants For Mother’s Day

But this year I want stuff for Mother’s Day. I’m fully admitting that I want fun things for me. Is that wrong? Yes, I love those handmade gifts (and have actually requested a homemade card and anything else my daughter’s want to create), but I also love me some presents. I could certainly just go buy these things, but where’s the fun in that?

Mother’s Day is already on my husband’s mind—he asked when it is (May 13, 2018), so here’s my Mother’s Day gift guide for him this year, and I’m sharing it with you in case you see something that you need to send to your other half, too.

Butter Chardonnay

The first time I sipped this wine I actually stopped sipping it started to almost chug it. Totally unlady-like, I know, but Oh. My. Gosh. This wine is smooth…like, well, you guessed it: like butter.

Here’s the best part about this chardonnay: you can get it at Costco for $25. Come to mama!

Also, this is a little lame to admit, but that double bottle from Costco will probably easily last me six months. Twenty-year-old me is probably laughing her head off, but I’m such a lightweight after having babies!

Speaking of drinks: I don’t need these things (because I already have and love them), but maybe you need them:

Cold Brew Pitcher
Electric Wine Opener
An awesome mug

Mama Trucker Hat

I’ve been out of the fashion sense for about three decades, so I don’t know if this is a fad everywhere else, but here in San Diego, you’re one of the cool kids moms if you have a trucker hat. Well, this mama wants to be cool…or at least fake it with a fun hat.

Here are a couple I like:
I Sweat Glitter
Mama (rose gold glitter)

Things to Make me Feel Pretty

The kids are the reason I’m a mama, after all, so the least I can do is wear their names or initials around my neck. Or declare that I am, indeed, their mama.

My favorites:
Linked Circle Necklace
Birthstone Necklace (I love the raw stones used in this necklace)
MAMA (pictured here. have this, LOVE this, had to share it with you)

Magnolia Table

I love me some Chip and JoJo, but now that Fixer Upper is all said and done, I need another way to get my fix of the Gains Family. This new cookbook, Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering, looks amazing, and I need it in my life until I can make it to the actual Magnolia Table in Waco.

Matchy Matchy

Oh, how I get a kick out of some of the matching mom and me clothes out there. I have the onesie for my son already, but I need to build up my collection and get one for each of the girls and one for me.

These shirts are what dreams are made of, by the way. SO comfy and flattering!

Find them from Twinkle, Twirl, and Sass!


This will forever be on my Mother’s Day gift guide list, because there’s nothing better than having a little rest and relaxation, aka, an entire hour in a room without someone saying, “MAMA,” over and over and over and over and over again.

Honorable mentions that I’ll always love:

Breakfast in bed
Pictures and cards from the kids
A clean house
Dinner made for me that night

What Mama REALLY Wants for Mother's Day

What do YOU really want this Mother’s Day?

Come on, mama, be stingy, greedy, and a little materialistic. What would go on your Mother’s Day gift guide?


  1. I already told my bunch what I want – for both kids (they’re 12 and 15) to THOROUGHLY clean their bathrooms! Lol

  2. I’d kill for a massage!! And a trip to the chiropractor haha I have scoliosis and a very active 11 month old. So my back is definitely feeling it lately. Such a great list!

  3. A massage is always great! I actually love matchy-matchy stuff, but the only time I have a chance of convincing my family to wear it is on a Disney vacation.

    1. haha my kids are still young enough that they love it 🙂 Although, we will have one day of matching clothes (my husband included…he doesn’t know it yet) for our Disney cruise in a couple weeks!

  4. I’d love a day of someone else deciding what to eat AND cleaning up after the meal as well! 😃

  5. Yes! Give me all the fun things for Mother’s Day and some time to myself. I jokingly refer to Mother’s Day as my “day off”. Realistically, there is never a “day off” as a mother but seeing the husband attempt to take the reigns is very sweet to see. I’m obsessed with that trucker hat. I want one to cover my need to wash hair when we go on family camping trips, it would be perfect!

  6. I always ask for a gift card to the bookstore. Yeah, I’m a nerd. A massage does sound wonderful now that you mention it.

  7. Might be putting that Costco membership to good use for that wine! I love the matching Mom & baby shirts too. Very cute.

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