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Decorating With Disney Cruise Door Magnets

After we booked our Disney Cruise, I did I did what 30-year-old women do: I researched the heck out of our trip. Only “research” today means I scrolled through Pinterest. So, basically, I spent a lot of time “researching.” That’s where I discovered Disney cruise door magnets, and after the first mention, I was hooked!

It turns out that when you cruise with Disney, people decorate and personalize their cabin door, because the whole door is metal. Also because, why not?

Pumped with the idea of customizing our cruise door, I started scouring Etsy for some fun ideas. If you’re crafty you can make some DIY versions on your own…I didn’t have the time or patience for that, so Etsy came to my rescue.

Decorating With Disney Cruise Door Magnets - Jessica Lynn Writes #disneycruise #disneylife #disney

Of course, there are all sorts of fantastic shops out there with great ideas, but I kept coming back to the same one: Disney Cruisin. I’d like to thank Lovie, the shop owner, for her guidance, fun personality, and her generous offer of gifting us with our Disney cruise door magnets. And she’s being generous to you, too. Read on to find out what she’s offering!

So the magnets: the designs are printed right onto the magnet (as opposed to a printed picture of something and then sticking a magnet on it), and I loved the unique and customizable sets she offered.

Lovie’s been an artist all her life, and once owned a sign shop, but needed a little extra…magic in her life. She stumbled on the Disney cruise door magnet-making business about five years ago when her daughter’s family planned a Disney Cruise and told her about the secret world of door magnets. Since she’s been drawing before the Internet (her words, not mine), she set out to make some magnets for them.

Selling her sign shop, but still putting her skills to good use, she found her Disney Cruisin home on Etsy. “I can’t find a more fun thing to make,” she said, while at the same time admitting that she still loves making Disney cruise door magnets just as much now as when she first started.

When I asked her if she could pick her favorite design she said that was almost an impossible question. “Choosing a favorite Disney magnet or even a favorite Disney character, to me would be like choosing a favorite color! I have never been able to settle on just one, or 10. I like them all; I like each new design that I create, and really have fun with it until I’ll create another new one, then it’s my favorite.”

Speaking of favorites, my daughter was looking over my shoulder one day when I was browsing her designs, and she kept pointing to everything, saying how much she wanted it. I mentioned to Lovie that I was having a hard time picking, because they were all so great, and she suggested we pick one set for each day we’re on the cruise.

Say what?! With that extra freedom to pick, we had some fun choosing our sets…and even more fun when sprinkled our Disney cruise door with fun magnets every morning.

First Day of our Cruise: Captain Mickey

We plastered classic Mickey up on our door the first day. I mean, Captain Mickey is pretty much running the show on the ship, so he deserved to have the first day devoted to him!

I loved, loved, loved the “baby” with the pacifier. Too stinkin’ cute. Plus, she customized the bows for the girls!

Get this look: Mickey Mouse with personal little Mickeys + Captain Hat add on

Pirate Night:

Arrrrrr matey! Shiver me timbers!

Tonight was Pirate Night, so pirate Mickey was totally necessary. I loved our family pirate flag, and she’s since added a Mickey ear pirate hat to her shop. I’m totally buying it for our next cruise!

I loved that the adult and kids pirate bandanas on our little Mickey’s were different sizes.

By the way, did you know that on Pirate Night you’ll get free bandanas on your bed after they clean your room? That way, if you didn’t bring anything festive for Pirate Night, you can still “dress up.”

Get this look: Family Pirate Flag + classic Mickey + Family Pirate Mickeys + (not shown) Pirate Hat add-on

Under the Sea for Day Three:

Did you know that each Disney ship has a character statue in its atrium? The Disney Wonder features Ariel, which just so happens to be my girls’ favorite Disney princess.

Plus, Little Mermaid just works so well with a going on a cruise, don’t you think?

This day was Julia’s favorite day, and she went crazy over it when she first saw the Ariel theme. In fact, she insisted (and actually asked politely) if she could “be the dinglehopper.” I somehow got talked into being Ursula.

(Side note: we totally have Ariel’s head on upside down here. I insisted that it went above the porthole, but Julia was adamant that her tail needed to be on the bottom. Some battles aren’t worth fighting, but I regret not sneaking in a picture with it the “right” way.)

Get this look: Little Mermaid and friends

(Unofficial) Star Wars Day:

Dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun. Hopefully you just sang the Star Wars tune, because that’s what I was going for there.

Some of the east-coast cruises have an actual “Star Wars Day,” but ours did not. So I decided to make today our “unofficial” Star Wars Day.

I picked out today’s Star Wars Disney Cruise door magnets for my husband, and he got a total kick out of it; I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have fun with it, too.

To make things a little interactive with the guests walking by our room, I put a dry erase board out with a little question of the day.*

Someone thought they were clever, though and wrote down the title of a Star Trek movie. And if I’ve learned one thing from being married to my geeky husband, it’s that there is, actually, a big difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.

*When I go again I’ll make sure I get a lighter dry erase board, because even though this one had magnets on it, it was too heave to stay on the door; I “propped it up” with magnets with hooks I brought for our cabin.

Get this day’s look: Star Wars

Our Last Day with Minnie Mouse

This was my middle one’s favorite day, but also my least favorite day, only because I knew it was the last full day on our cruise. When Madilyn saw me pull these out she got super excited since she’d been eating Mickey Bars for dessert for the whole trip. I, on the other hand, loved seeing Minnie; she’s just so classic and timeless.

These were awesome, and truly one of my favorite days, although I think I’ve said that about all of them. Lovie is right; I don’t know how you can pick a favorite.

Just like on our “Star Wars Day,” I put up our dry erase board again and asked guests walking by our room to vote on their favorite: Mickey Bar or Dole Whip.

I was actually a little surprised by the results! I totally thought Mickey Bars would win (although, I’m totally a vote for Dole Whip.) By the way, did you know you can get Dole Whip (plain or with alcohol) on the Disney Wonder? Find it at Sulley’s Sips for an extra charge. And get your Mickey Bars for dessert at dinner or ask for it delivered right to your room with room service.

Get this look: Classic Minnie Mouse + Mickey Bars

Even More Disney Cruise Door Magnets

Disney Cruisin, aka Lovie, is coming up with new designs all the time, and I’ve gotta tell you that I’ve already pinned some more for our next cruise! I’m obsessed with the Snorkeling Scuba Mickey, the sombrero little Mickey and Minnies (with a margarita, of course), and all of the Christmas themes. Oh, how I want to go for a holiday cruise now!

Disney Cruise Door Magnets Specials for YOU.

Pretty much everything can be customized. And since we had two rooms on our cruise, my mom went ahead and bought Disney Cruise door magnets just for her room, too! This one is the Minnie Mouse Personalized Name magnet.

If you know what you want and need them now (you do, by the way!), then use the code JESSICALYNNWRITES to score 10% off your entire order.

Also while you’re window shopping, be sure to pin your favorites from her site and you can get an even bigger discount (message her before you place your order with links to your pins), and she’ll hook you up.


  1. I didn’t know I needed this until I saw it! What an amazingly fun idea! We are soooo doing this when we finally get on a Disney Cruise. (Our 10y/o still prefers the parks, but I’m hoping one day she’ll come around to the cruise idea.) So glad you shared this super cute idea and Lovie’s fun store!

    1. I have a feeling if you went on a cruise, she’d come around to the idea 😉 It was like being at a park for five days straight! So much fun!

  2. OMG!! Obsessed with Disney Cruises and have gotten very generic magnets as part of our castaway club gift. These are amazing though, and I’ve favorited the shop on Etsy to get some custom ones for our next voyage. How fun!!

    1. Yay!!! I’m glad you love them 🙂 I’m so hooked on Disney Cruises now, and we all seriously can’t wait for our next one. (And yes…these were so fun that they were personalized and unique!)

  3. Oh my goodness! What a cute post and fun idea! I love it and had no idea! Disney Cruises should thank you, I not want to go on one so that I can decorate my door lol! Thanks love, definitely sharing this!

  4. Noooo, now I’m super nostalgic for Disneyland and my cruise I took a couple months ago, haha! This is such a cute idea. I love that putting magnets on the door is a “thing” on Disney cruise lines. I love little things like that that make cruises more personal and memorable!

  5. Magnets were the one thing I meant to do on my last cruise but forgot about until the last minute! We cruise Disney again in September 2019 so I have plenty of time to make sure I actually get some magnets this go-around 😉

  6. So cute, going to Disney Cruise 2019 and would love to do the magnets.
    My grandkids would love it

  7. OMG!, Thank you for this post. I’d saw someone mention how others were personalizing doors for the cruise and I did a search and found your blog. I’m in Afghanistan right now and I’m flying home to surprise my son with a Disney cruise for his 4th birthday which happens to be Christmas Day. I’m so excited now. You just gave me so many ideas.

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