Everything You Need To Know for a San Diego Padres Game

I’m continuously shocked at how much there is for families in San Diego; boredom is simply not an option when you live here. You know what else shocks me? That it took us two whole years to check out a San Diego Padres game.

Special thanks to the San Diego Padres for hosting my family so we could check out a game and KidsFest.  All opinions are my own.

Did you know that family fun with the San Diego Padres is pretty much the name of the game at Petco Park? Talk about a total game changer. The investment they’ve made to make sure families are having a ball (pun intended) with America’s favorite pastime is actually pretty astonishing.

Take Me Out to a Ball Game

For starters, every Sunday home San Diego Padres game at Petco Park is KidsFest, and it’s a complete home run for families.

KidsFest is over in the grassy area on the east side of the park—you can’t miss it; you’ll see bounce houses, hear fun music, can check out games, get your face pained, play in a sand pit, and so much more.

Plus, KidsFest is hosted by Chick-fil-A, and you know how much we love that place! Enjoy the fun for two and a half hours before the game. It’s included with the cost of a ticket.

My family and I were invited to a recent KidsFest day, and I already can’t wait to go back. I want to take my kids again, and I also really want to go with the husband for a date night during one of their night games.

There’s a reason why Petco Park was named the best baseball field in America: because it’s simply awesome.

Family Fun at Petco Park

I’m not kidding when I say it’s all about family fun at a San Diego Padres game. Check out even more ways Petco Park is unlike any other place, especially for families:

  • Compadres Kids: a totally free loyalty program for kids 14 and younger. They get prizes at each game they go to, access to Compadre Kid-only events (like Sunday Signings, Kids Run the Bases, Pre-game Photo Days, and Catch on the Field), and there’s even a scavenger hunt for them to do. Joining is a no-brainer if you have little ones!
  • Friar Family Days: Tickets are $15 for kids; $20 for adults, and includes a hot dog, soda, and family-friendly activities for all Sunday—Thursday games.
  • KidsFest: Every Sunday home game; free with a ticket to that day’s game, and it starts 2.5 hours before the baseball game starts.
  • Nursing room: Baby’s have to eat, so mamas, take those babes up to the Toyota Terrace (second level, suite 32) for the amazing Sharp Mary Birch Nursing Lounge. Rumor has it you can still watch the game since it overlooks the field. 
  • Strollers: totally welcome at Petco Park, but can’t limit guest movement or block aisles (so don’t leave them unattended). Use them to stroll to the park, then check them in at Guest Service Centers (Main Concourse, Section 108, Section 313, and at the Toyota Terrace Concierge Desk (Section 208)
  • Virtual Reality: players have 90 seconds to hit as many virtual home runs as they can. This is free and in the Padres ’47 Team Store (section 105)
  • Wiffle Ball Field and Sandbox: let the kids play at the Park at the Park and burn out some energy so they can sit and enjoy the game.
  • Kid’s Day: Any kid (14 and under) in attendance on July 29 will get a free backpack…presented by the one and only, Chick-fil-A.
  • Hashtags: I know you’ll have your phone with you, so as you’re snapping pictures and posting them, use these on the ‘gram: #SDinHD (to get on the videoboard in-game), #FuturePadres (young Padres fans), #Padres, #LetsGoPadres, and #PadresWin (used after the Padres win).

So. Much. Awesomeness. Plus, if you’re military you can snag tickets for 25% almost every San Diego Padres game when you show your ID at the ticket counter.

Talk about a way to show appreciation; thank you, Padres!

Play Ball!

The game itself was fabulous; there’s nothing like an actual, real live baseball game.

The buzz in the air and the game on the field just brings everything to life. I love that they want to keep fans engaged and excited through every aspect of the game.

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Even when you’re not watching the game, it’s still exciting. Most baseball stadiums have your normal, run-of-the-mill concession stands.

But not at Petco Park.

Walking around the stadium was like walking through different neighborhoods in San Diego. You could grab pizza and gelato in Little Italy, or stop at Seaside Market for some the fresh catch of the day at the famous Blue Water Seafood Co. Want a beer? There’s an entire row of them, and of course beer stands throughout the park, too.

Go for a classic treat of Cracker Jacks, nachos, or a hot dog—whatever you want, you can get it.

Let me root, root, root for the home team

Pretty much every home game has a fun twist to it, too.

There are military appreciation nights, Marvel Super Hero nights, Wine Fest, Taco Tuesdays (with super cheap tacos…yes, please!), and it doesn’t stop there. Many home games even have a giveaway and/or promotion happening, too.

See? There’s seriously so much to do at a Padres game!

So much, in fact, that part of our crew couldn’t hang for all nine innings. You better bet your bottom dollar that we’ll be back for more sooner than later!

Have You been to a San Diego Padres Game?

Here's everything you need to know for a day of fun at a San Diego Padres game. Gather your kids, get your tickets, and get ready for some fun!

The season runs till September, so there’s still time to make it out to a game.

Have you been to one before? What’s your favorite thing about attending a home game with your favorite team?



  1. I grew up in a baseball family, so I have a feeling if I ever traveled to San Diego this might be something we’d do! It’s amazing how much good food they have at stadiums now – it’s not just the typical hot dogs anymore.

  2. Have not visited Petco Park, putting it on the list for the next time we are in San Diego. My favorite thing about the ball park is definitely the food but also just taking in all the sights and sounds of the ball game.

    1. Same. I’m blown away with how family friendly it is. They truly want families to have a great time there, and as a parent, that means so much to me!

      1. What a fun way to think about it! Lol if the waves got that high on my last cruise while we were eating I’d be hanging on for dear life (we ate right by the window for our cruise!)

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