High Tide Dinner at The Marine Room

A funny thing happens when you know you won’t live in one place for very long: you want to do as much as possible. We know from experience that if you wait to do something, it very well may not happen. Checking out a high tide dinner at The Marine Room in La Jolla, California, was one of the first things I put on my San Diego bucket list when we found out we were moving here, and I absolutely wanted to experience it before we move away.

Want to see it our high tide at The Marine Room in action? Check out this video I made below:

YouTube video

A High Tide Date Night

Every time we’d have a slot in our schedule for a date night I’d check the tide schedule, hoping it would work in our favor. So when it finally did, I booked a reservation for a high tide dinner at The Marine Room on a random Wednesday, and called it a date.

If you want a specific night for a meal there, definitely make reservations since they’re often fully booked.

This would be the perfect spot for an anniversary or special celebration…or also for a random Wednesday with your favorite person.

The night we went for our high tide dinner was pretty much perfect timing, because it occurred right around sunset…and if you’ve never seen a sunset in San Diego, then you need to add that to your bucket list, too.

It’s impressive and gorgeous, and we had a front row seat.

Exceptional Everything

In fact, almost every single table has the perfect view to the ocean, and the table we just so happened to sit at was exceptional.

Also exceptional? The service, the food, and the waves.

Speaking of the waves; it was breathtaking. A high tide dinner at The Marine Room is absolutely a restaurant with a view that you don’t want to miss.

The water literally does splash against the ginormous windows, and if you’re there at night they even have lights so you can see the waves as they roll in and practically explode against the glass.

It was just so fun, and totally romantic. White table cloths, candles on some of the tables, and the ambiance of being right there with a perfect view of the beach, the sun setting, and of course, seeing the waves crash against the windows, was just magnificent.

The Food at The Marine Room

My expectations for the food was all over the map. My one gripe with overly expensive meals is that you usually get a teeny tiny serving after paying an arm and a leg, and then you end up driving through for some fast food off their $1 menu on the way home, because you’re starving.

I’m happy to report that even though the prices are steep, you will be fed and won’t leave hungry. The food was actually quiet spectacular.

First of all, the crab cake as an appetizer was FANTASTIC. I easily could’ve eaten that as my meal (or maybe two of them, because it was so good.

When my entrée arrived I actually gasped, said “Woooooow,” and then gawked at my plate for about 15 seconds too long.

It’s the kind of presentation where you know they probably had someone place the individual peas on the plate with tweezers.

Besides the fact that it was a work of art on my plate, it tasted fantastic. I got one of their specials for the evening: Crispy Bacon Brioche Branzino. I would order it again in a heartbeat.

Basically, my fish sat atop purple cauliflower puree and had a dusting of bacon on top of it. I never thought bacon and fish would mesh well together, but it was SO good. The veggies were outstanding; I never knew a single carrot could have so many flavors in one bite.

My husband went for a seafood trio that didn’t disappoint, and then we splurged for dessert. We tried really hard to resist, but after we saw some of them delivered to other tables we gave in.

Best decision ever.

I got the Cobblestone Pie, which was more like a gigantic upscale Mississippi Mud Pie, and my husband picked out a little piece of chocolate heaven: a pyramid made out of rich chocolate. I think he secretly loved the fact that I don’t care for chocolate so he could devour it all by himself.

Can’t Wait to Return

We practically closed out the restaurant; we just couldn’t tear ourselves away from watching the waves flow in and out. I don’t know if we’ll have an opportunity to return for a high tide dinner at The Marine Room before we leave San Diego, but I would jump at the option in a second.

Have you been to The Marine Room in La Jolla? Know any other can’t-miss date-night spots before we leave?


  1. The Marine Room almost resembles a cruise ship dining room–absolutely magical! What stunning photos. And I’m drooling reading about the meals, especially the cobblestone pie! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. This is just the coolest thing! Those pictures are stunning. Eventually I will get my husband to San Diego with me, and we’ll definitely have to hope that the tides are in our favor so we can do a meal here!

    1. Yes!! You’ve gotta check it out. And when you do come over here, I have a whole bucket list of things for y’all to do 🙂 So many amazing things here.

  3. WOW! That’s definitely on the bucket list! I don’t blame you for closing the place down, I would too.

  4. Jessica – We’re so glad you and your husband enjoyed your evening! High Tide Dinner combined with a sunset is truly something that everyone should experience at least once. We still have 22 High Tide Dinners left this summer/fall and then we will be going into our High Tide Breakfast season starting October 7. This is one of the few times the restaurant is open during the day, and the food is served buffet-style. Again – something everyone should experience! Thanks for such a glowing review and beautiful photos! Susie Bright – Marketing Coordinator, The Marine Room

    1. Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this. We truly enjoyed our stay (and continue to talk about how wonderful it was). I love that a few friends will now get to experience it as well! Here’s hoping we can make it back again soon…maybe for the high tide breakfast to see the action during the sunlight!

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