5 Ways To Keep Kids Cool All Summer

The temps are already scorching, which makes for some seriously long and hot days. And for these little humans we’re raising, the high heat can be downright draining. But kids need to get their energy out somehow, right? Here are five ideas for keeping kids cool all summer long…that won’t cost an arm and a leg. (You’re welcome.)

Special thanks to NewAir Appliances for sponsoring this post so I can share some ideas on how to keep kids cool during summer when the heat is high. If you’re in need of an awesome fan, keep on reading for an exclusive discount code!

How to keep kids cool all summer long

The temps are scorching, so here are several things you can do to keep kids cool all summer long—no beach required.


1. Water Play

Playing with water just screams S U M M E R, and it’s such a great way to cool off when the heat is high. You can grab a mini plastic pool from Wal-Mart or Target, or this inflatable one from Amazon. We leave ours filled about half way and they go in and out of it all day. I like these small ones, because you can dump them out easily after a day or so when the water starts getting gross.

When they’re not in the pool, my kids are splashing around with their water table or they have the sprinkler going.

And if you have a little, little kid and don’t want to deal with a pool yet, grab a bowl, or a cake pan, and put water and ice in it. My kids have all had a blast sitting there splashing around and getting wet.

2. Movie Time!

Did you know that many movie theaters have special kids’ days with cheap movies and family friendly (i.e. cartoon) movies playing? Plus, movie theaters are always on the chilly side, and nothing beats the heat than free air conditioning.

No cheap or kid-friendly theaters in your area? No problemo: make your own theater! Have a “movie night” even if it’s the middle of the day. Turn off the lights, close the blinds, and put a blanket out to watch a movie. You can even make some popcorn, and have the kids make movie tickets!

3. Get a Great Fan

My daughters’ room gets super duper hot during the day. So hot that my youngest daughter was waking up from her naps with her head totally soaked from sweat because it was getting so hot in there. Not only is that not safe, but I just felt so bad.

We tried having a regular oscillating fan in there, but it just blew are instead of actually cooling things down.

So when NewAir Appliances suggested I try out one of their evaporative coolers, the NewAir AF-310, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes. I opted for this particular design for several reasons:

It’s kid-friendly, meaning they can’t get their fingers stuck in any blades, because it’s bladeless! (And all the parents breathed a sigh of relief….) Because, with three kids under five (and two of them being extremely mischievous), that was enough to sell me on it.

Get this: I tell my kids over, and over, and over again to not touch fans (because all are not as cool as this one), and what does my daughter do literally right in front of me? Reaches for the “blades.” The fact that she still has her fingers is just one of many reasons why I love this evaporative cooler.

Another thing I love? It’s actually, literally cool. There’s a special cooling pad in it, and when you fill it with water, it picks up that cool air, and then the moisture evaporates quickly, leaving cool air circulating instead of just blowing air.

On extra hot days we actually put the ice pack that came with it into the water basin. After we press the “cool” button, cold air pretty much immediately comes out. I love knowing that the girls are cool despite the scorching temps. This nice feature is especially handy to have in places like San Diego and other southwestern states. 

Other fun fan facts: It’s sleek, slim, and quiet. I didn’t want something that was going to take up more space, and we have other fans that you practically have to yell over. This one is just a dream.

It’s also It’s affordable. At $119, knowing I can have a cool room and not have to turn on the air conditioner, is incredibly (and literally) comforting.

—> NewAir Wants to Keep YOU Cool

You’ve probably seen NewAir during your strolls through Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s or one of the hardware stores, because they’ve been around for more than 15 years. But, if you have your eye on this evaporative cooler, they generously have a 20% off discount for you! Use the code JESSICALYNN at checkout, and score yourself some cool air this summer.

4. Make Some Frozen Treats

Summer time, and the living’s easy…especially if you have some frozen treats to get you through the day.

Start with some homemade lemonade, and then turn that lemonade into some popsicles! I’m partial to this Quicksicle Maker that makes them in only EIGHT minutes…because let’s face it: kids don’t want to wait an e n t i r e day to have their pops freeze in the freezer! This thing is amazing.

If frozen pop aren’t your jam, how about some homemade ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. Not only will you save money by making them yourself, but you can control what goes in them, which is especially helpful if you have allergies or restrictions to follow.

5. Drive Around and Go Places

Summer time + kids = exhausting. And even if they do play outside, and with water, and with treats, sometimes it’s just nice to ride around in the air-conditioned car. So turn those car rides into dance parties—turn the jams up loud, and dance it out in your seats.

Here are my top picks on where you can drive to:

  • Go get a car wash. Fun lights, crazy brushes, and you get to stay in the car the whole time. True story: when we lived in Georgia we actually had a monthly membership, so we could get our car washed every single day if we wanted (and some days we did, because holy pan-fried potatoes, batman; Georgia gets HOT.
  • Cool off in Costco. Say what? Oh yes. Once you get there, (especially if your little ones are complaining about it being “sooooo hot outside”), take them directly to the dairy section, and let them cool off in there.
  • Visit a pet store. Drive to a pet store, park at said pet store, then rush inside before the heat can get to you. Voila: instant mini air-conditioned zoo for your kids to check out!

How do YOU keep kids cool all summer long?

I can’t be the only one trying to come up with ways to keep kids cool all summer long, so help a mama out! What are your favorite ways to beat the heat when you have little ones?


  1. Water play as a kid was always my favorite thing!! Also iced treats are perfect! That cooling fan looks amazing. I’m always getting so hot in the summer so I should look into getting one of them versus just a regular fan.

    1. Love the beach! We’re about 30 minutes away and heading there today since my husband has the day off. I wish it were more feasible on an every-day basis, but with three kids I would lose my sanity if I went often, even if it is cooler there!

  2. My son is now 15 so I don’t have to entertain him quite as much but we still do some fun things like Dairy Queen for dinner. And he has his driver’s permit, so going for drives has been something fun and cool to do in the summer. We also do movies sometimes too.

  3. Love this post! We do water play everyday in the evenings after dinner to burn that toddler energy off! Lol

  4. Water play and for some extra fun… we got a membership to the nearest aquarium about 2 hours away but the girls love it there!

  5. We looove spending our time outside either playing with the water table or hitting the pool. It’s our daughter’s favorite past time haha and I really want to try this fan now!! I’ve been looking for a good one for her bedroom. It gets so stuffy in there even with our AC on.

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