A Pampered Chef Incentive Trip to Amelia Island, Florida

Earlier this year I spent several nights at The Omni Resort in Amelia Island, Florida, and it was basically paradise. I earned a free Pampered Chef incentive trip this past spring, and now I’m officially and totally hooked on working hard to earn them in the future.

(Spoiler alert: I already earned my next trip for next spring! Read on to find out where I’m going.)

How I Earned This Trip

In case you’re not familiar, Pampered Chef sells awesome kitchen stuff—basically it’s like one of those fun kitchen stores you love walking through, but we bring the store to you via cooking classes in your home for you and your friends, freezer meal workshops, fundraisers, or Facebook parties. 

Not only that, but my side hustle pays for things like date nights, family vacations, and then pampers me with practically all-expense paid trips.

You earn points for these Pampered Chef Incentive Trips by submitting sales, adding people to your team, and other ways throughout the year. Each trip has a certain amount of points that you need to earn it. Once you hit those points, the trip is yours! 

There are different levels you can earn, and there are typically two trips. Level one for 2018 was to Amelia Island, Florida, and Level two was to Coronado Island (off of San Diego). (It was originally Puerto Rico, but they had to change it because of the hurricane that hit.)

An Actual Paid Vacation

By earning this Pampered Chef incentive trip, they paid for me and a guest to fly from sunny California across the country to sunny Florida, and then they put us up in a resort for three nights.

Get this: if we were stationed overseas again, they’d PAY FOR ME TO FLY BACK!!! I met several military spouses currently overseas, and they just gushed about how cool it was that they could do this!

Pampered Chef paid for pretty much everything: the resort stay, transportation, and breakfast, plus they provided a fun themed dinner, and they gave us spending money.

A True Vacation with Nothing to do

Other than meeting for breakfast, there was no agenda; it was a true vacation. We could explore or relax, or do whatever we wanted. So we did just that.

We walked around, and enjoyed everything the property had to offer. For a split second I really missed living in the south—I forgot how pretty it is over there!

My husband was away for work right smack dab in the middle of the trip, so I asked my mom if she’d like to be my plus one, and she happily agreed.

We both went through a lot in the past two years, so I can’t even put into words how nice it was to just get away for a little bit.

I also brought Logan along since he was still nursing at the time…and I wasn’t ready to be away from him quite yet.

The girls, on the other hand, spent some quality time with their grandparents who graciously flew out to California to watch them while we were away.

Going on a Pampered Chef incentive trip was truly amazing. We felt like celebrities with the service they gave us, and we soaked it all in.

The resort was lovely, and the pools were fantastic. My mom watched Logan often, so I could enjoy the adults-only pool. While I was in there, soaking up some delightful sun, I decided that I would absolutely earn the trip next year—there’s no better way to travel than on Pampered Chef’s dime!

Irresistible Destinations

Every year consultants can earn one of two different levels of trips, and next year just so happens to be a trip to a fabulous resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, or Oahu, Hawaii!

I have my eyes fixated on the Hawaii trip, but I’m happy to report that if I don’t earn that one for some reason, I’ve already earned my trip to Arizona. So either way, next year I’ll have another break from the hustle and bustle of life to just relax for several days.

And as much as I loved taking my mom and son with me to Florida, next time my husband will be my plus one. We’ve never so much as had a night away together alone since we’ve had kids, so Hawaii will be a literal trip of a lifetime!

Check out the video for the trip I’ve already earned:

But I’m not stopping there. I have some goals, and I’m crushing them to make this happen. 

Here is what I have my eyes set on:

Join Me on Next Year’s Pampered Chef Incentive Trip:

In 2018 the Pampered Chef incentive trip was to Amelia Island, FL. See what it was like!

Oh, and by the way…they announced the Pampered Chef Incentive Trip that we’ll be earning in 2019: a family trip to Disney World! Who wants in on that one?!

I love that I literally get paid to travel and share something as simple as how to help get food on the table faster and easier with people, all while staying home with my three kids and still keeping this blog running. I’m so thankful that Pampered Chef fell into my lap

Have you ever taken a paid vacation like this?! Tell me all about it below!


  1. Congrats on working so hard to earn a free trip, that’s amazing! This island looks gorgeous and a perfect place to visit and relax!

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