Butter on the Beach: A Perfect Date Night

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Everyone around me is wishing for fall, and we’re over here soaking in the last few days of summer. We’re living in the moment, as they say, and crossing things left and right off our Summer Bucket List…like going on a beach date night in the middle of the week.

Can you believe we’ve lived here for two years and we haven’t been to the beach without the kids yet? Seeing as how it’s still technically summer, I’m happy my husband and I could discover what it’s like to actually have a resting beach face (spoiler alert: it’s amazing, and we want to do this way more often).

                         Here's everything you need to know about having a perfect beach date night.

We arranged a sitter for the little ones, packed up my favorite JaM Butter Chardonnay, and some JaM Cabernet for the husband, grabbed some dinner from one of our favorite places, and got cozy on the California shores.

When I’m at the beach with the kids (which is all the time) I’m usually a hot mess. My mind and body can’t relax, because I’m always trying to watch all three of them at the same time (they have a tendency to run straight to the ocean with no care in the world). Hashtag three-kids-problem for sure. So to visit one of my favorite places with my favorite person a-l-o-n-e was like a breath of fresh, salty air.

Summer Beach Date Night Essentials

Date night doesn’t have to be big and fancy; it’s just about spending time with your spouse. Sometimes it’s a fancy dinner out with makeup and a pretty dress, and sometimes it’s flip-flops, finding sand in your fries, and Butter on the beach.

Here's everything you need to know about having a perfect beach date night.

There are a few things that can help you set the mood for a fun beach date night, so here’s what made our night a huge success:

Check the Tide and Sunset Times

Nothing can ruin a date night at the beach faster than high tide washing over your literal best laid plans. Find a few nights that work for your schedule, then check the sunset times along with the tide charts.

Pick a night where sunset corresponds with low tide so you can enjoy the beach and not worry about waves crashing over you.

Butter on the Beach aka Your Favorite Drink

No, I’m not talking about actual butter; I’m talking about Butter, the wine. The wine I’m obsessed with, and have been for a little while.

It’s smooth (like buttah), rich, creamy, and you can actually taste the notes of peaches, lemon, and vanilla. It bursts with flavor, and seriously melts in your mouth. 

My husband prefers reds, so he picked out JaM Cab for this beach date night.

Here's everything you need to have the perfect beach date night.

The pop of berries, plums, and black currant made it super easy to drink, and I love that you could taste vanilla near the end—making it taste and smell delicious.

And, since it’s a screw cap, we didn’t have to mess with remembering a cork screw: bonus!

Don’t forget plastic cups; this isn’t time to bring your stemmed glassware from your wedding. And if you don’t drink wine? Find something else fun to sip on during sunset.

Bring a Blanket for the Sand

If you don’t have a beach blanket (this is our favorite), then bring along some towels to put over the sand. Even if you aren’t planning on getting in the water, towels will come in handy.

We skipped the lounge chairs this time and decided to sit next to each other; it was date night, after all, but we did decide to bring our wagon to put everything in. Even though we didn’t bring the kids, we still had enough stuff that we didn’t want to carry it all.

Cover Up

Once the sun starts dipping below the horizon the temperature will drop quite quickly. My Butter warmed me up a little, but having a sweater or an extra sand-free towel on hand to cover up in case it gets chilly is always a good idea.

I always forget a sweater, so I’m speaking to myself here!

Don’t Forget Food (or at least dessert)!

Pack a picnic, get some meat and cheese for a fun charcuterie board, or pick up your favorite meal from a restaurant you love. But whatever you do, just enjoy eating it with the best view in the house.

I made sure to pack extra forks (just in case) and napkins (just in case), and I brought a cooler to keep things in while we strolled around. Seagulls LOVE scraps, and I didn’t want them enjoying our dinner.

Get Cozy on a Beach Date Night

Have you been on a date night at the beach before? What’s one thing you wish you brought with you to make it extra special?

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  1. I love my wine (teehee) and I love the name of these bottles! So cute!! As for a date on the beach – ahhh this sounds so lovely. I also agree that date night is about quality time and it doesn’t have to be fancy.

    1. Lol I’m all about fun wine names, too, so these captured me right away when I first saw them awhile back! Sometimes the dates that are totally unprompted and relaxed are the best ones!

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks like such a perfect date! I wish my husband and I lived by a beach so we could have dates there from time to time. My families from San Diego and I’m trying to convince my husband that we should live there someday!

    1. We’re definitely lucky to live so close, so we’re soaking it up while it lasts! (We’re moving somewhere new next summer, so who knows if this opportunity will ever come again!)

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