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Blake’s Lotaburger in New Mexico

Blake’s Lotaburger is a New Mexico tradition, and even though you may be tempted to go through a well-known drive through for your next fast food meal when you’re in the Land of Enchantment, I’m here to tell you that you should skip the national favorites and check out this classic New Mexico chain restaurant.

Plus, with close to 100 stores in New Mexico, there’s a Blake’s Lotaburger almost literally around every corner. 

Where You’ve Seen It

If you’re a fan of “Breaking Bad,” then you probably saw Blake’s in an episode or two with its trademark red and blue vintage cartoon “Blake,” but the real man behind the name was Blake Chanslor, a WWII Navy vet, and get this: the first hamburger and bag of chips Blake’s sold back in 1952 was only thirty-five cents!

Their prices are still pretty darn great, but not quite that cheap these days. 

We try to have Blake’s at least once when we’re home; it’s that good. But I’m going to be straight up with you about three things when it comes to Blake’s Lotaburger:

Important Things About Blake’s Lotaburger

You will wait for your order. It doesn’t matter if you call it in ahead of time, go inside, or wait for your order: you’ll have to wait. “Fast” is not Blake’s middle name.

Everything is made from scratch, and you can see the workers on the line prepping the food, so just remember that good food takes a bit of time. As for ordering ahead and it still not being ready? We’ll just call that a quirk of Blake’s. It’s happened more times than I can count, so I just roll with it now.

Also, there’s a decent chance your order will be wrong. There are a lot of people making magic happen in the back, and I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that at least half the time we order, something is wrong with it. The good news: whatever surprise you get instead of what you ordered will still taste delicious and be satisfying. (Unless they forget the seasoned curly fries; then I get myself back inside ASAP to get them, because they’re my favorite.)

You might be thinking, “Why in the world is she telling us about this place if it’s slow and orders are always wrong.”

Blake’s Lotaburger is SO Good!

Well, the food is fresh, the food is seriously delicious, and the food isn’t picture perfect (which is sometimes the best kind of food, am I right)?

The burgers are more than just burgers. They’re the kind of burgers that you sink your teeth into and your whole body melts with satisfaction.

And I highly suggest you order your burger the way local do—ask for green chile on it; Blake’s Lotaburger has literally won national awards for their green chile cheeseburgers. they’re that good! 

Not in the mood for a burger? Get a breakfast burrito (served all day), and you’ll see what I mean about the food being fresh.

Plus, they’re huge and filling, and I highly recommend getting it with the red chile, because it’s packed with flavor. 

If you still have calories to spare after the burger/burrito and seasoned curly fries, then get a milkshake—every meal is better with a milkshake!

Have you visited Blake’s Lotaburger before? What’s your favorite thing to order?

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