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19 Goals for 2019 // Birthday Edition

It’s never too late to make goals for yourself, right? I turned 35 yesterday, so it feels like a good time to set some plans for the next 11 months.

And for the record, I started out with 35 goals (since I’m 35), but I got stuck around goal number 7, so I bumped it back down to 19. Nineteen goals for 2019 sounds better anyway.

19 Goals for 2019

And just to refresh your memory, or in case you’re new around here…later this year my husband starts a year long deployment, so that’s why some of these may be a little out of the ordinary.

A sweet friend gave me this mug yesterday. It’s perfect, and I can’t wait to sip coffee out of it!
  • Lose 40 pounds (gotta start with the hardest one first, right?)
  • Learn how to braid my own hair and make it look cute
  • Read 12 books
  • Reach 10k on Instagram (follow me over there!)
  • Create a “deployment project” (more on that coming soon, but essentially, I want to have someone new over for dinner once a week when we move)
  • Create and send out 8 care packages (one for each month he’ll be gone in 2019)
  • Schedule a “date” for myself once a month at night (I’ll take time during the day, too, but I think it will be important to go out with friends, or go see a movie, or do something fun once a month)
  • Earn a trip to Disney World
  • Go through photos on my phone once a month and delete ones I don’t need to keep forever
  • Have a one-on-one “Saturdate” once a month (starting in July) with each kid
  • Create blog posts with our favorite recipes (more to come as I think about them)
    • French Dip
    • Ham and Cheese Soup
    • Our spinach side dish
    • Calabacitas
  • Make it out to the Pampered Chef conference in July
  • Create a habit around dinnertime to put my phone away.
  • Ask a fun question during dinner to get the kids talking (using these or these, or something else, maybe)
  • Start learning a new language
  • Create a space just for me in our new house
  • Get Christmas cards out before Christmas
  • Schedule regular appointments (specifically: hair, massage, eyes, teeth)
  • Ride in a hot air balloon

What do you think? Attainable goals? Any of them strike a chord with you? What’s one thing you’re excited to do this year?


  1. Happy Birthday! It seems like you have set some wonderful goals! I think the deployment project is a great idea. I’m quite introverted, so the idea of having a new person come over for dinner every week makes me a little weak in the knees. I’m in awe of you for wanting to do that!

    I used to send New Year’s cards when all 5 of our kids were young because the week after Christmas had more downtime than the six weeks before Christmas.

  2. These are wonderful goals for the year. I love how you have some truly challenging, personal goals like weight loss mixed in with goals such as prepping for Christmas cards ahead of the actual holiday. i wish you the best in luck in completing them all.

  3. Happy Birthday! I love that you have 19 goals for the year 2019; it works! I think these are all awesome goals, especially your deployment project and getting out and doing fun things! I also hope to lose more weight this year – I don’t know an exact number, but at least 20 would be great.


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