Easy Heart Brownies

Can we all agree that brownies are delicious? These fun heart brownies are delicious, fun, and perfect for Valentine’s Day…or any day for that matter!

I’m crazy and won’t go out of my way for chocolate…unless it’s a brownie. There’s something about the mixture of gooey chocolate and that sweet chewy crunch that I love.

In my mind brownies are like bacon: you really can’t go wrong when making them, and pretty much everyone will be drawn to the kitchen when that sweet scent wafts through the air.

Point in case:

My daughter was supposed to be taking a nap while these were baking, but when she came down the stairs she exclaimed, “Mama! I was trying to go to sleep, but then I smelled brownies, so I had to come down and see if there really were brownies, and there ARE BROWNIES! So, Mama, can I have a brownie now?”

Bless her little heart.

How to Make Heart Brownies

All it takes to make these fun heart brownies are some little rolled up balls of foil—a little bigger than the size of a marble—some fun cupcake liners, your favorite box of brownie mix, and a Brownie Pan.

Here’s my tip for you: fill the batter into the cupcake liners first, and then add the foil ball in the corner of the square well, it helps make the shape of a heart a little more pronounced, and you can manipulate how you want the heart to look.

You can totally make this with cake mix, too—red velvet would be perfect.

While you’re picking up your brownie mix, grab some pink frosting and sprinkles, or make plans to dust some powdered sugar—top those hearts for a little extra love.

Brownie Pan for the Win

For the record, if you’re rolling your eyes about needing a whole special pan to make these, hear me out. You can use a Brownie Pan to make waaaaay more than just brownies in it.

Check out my Banana Blueberry Bread, Two-Ingredient Pumpkin Cakes, Apple Spice Cake, and my Pinterest board with more ideas.

I also love making (and freezing for quick lunches): mini lasagnas, mini meatloaf, and little pizzas in it—my kids eat just about anything I make in the Brownie Pan, and I call that winning.

Extra tools to help you along the way

Here are a few other things I used to make these brownies that are super helpful to have in your life.

Powdered Sugar Shaker ($15); Brownie Pan ($22.50); Small Batter Bowl ($15); Large Scoop ($25); Cake Tester and Releaser ($5.50); Teal Mini Nylon Spatula ($4.50)

Heart Brownies for the Win!

Let me know what you think of these! They’re pretty fool proof, fun, and perfect for everyone from kids to grown ups!

Who would you make these for?



  1. I love this. I thought I had to buy a heart tray to do this. What a clever idea. We have brownie mix at home and I think I’m going to surprise my boys with this tip! Thank you!

  2. How fun and how easy! I have one of those square muffin pans and never use it. It looks like my girls and I will be making brownies this Valentine’s day.

  3. First of all, tooo cute about your little girls reaction to smelling the brownies (me too sister). What an easy way to make heart shaped goodies in a variety of things is my thinking!! Thanks for the tip!!

  4. These are adorable! Totally making these for the kiddos for Valentine’s Day. They’ll be so excited and these look so simple.

  5. How cute are these?! They are the perfect size for my 3 year old as a little dessert. I will be making for Valentine’s Day!

  6. This is such a great idea I am thinking about making some Valentine’s date treats with my daughter and I think this is a perfect recipe for that thank you for sharing.

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