Easter Basket Idea For Little Kids

E V E R Y year for the past five years I’ve told myself, “Don’t procrastinate on getting Easter baskets for the kids; you’ll regret waiting until the last minute.”

And what do you know…if you needed me the night before Easter for the past five years, you would find me in the middle of the Target Easter section cursing under my breath and wishing I gathered stuff earlier. (Then repeat that scenario at CVS and Walmart, because the Target shelves were always empty, and I’d have to go elsewhere).

Well, this is my lucky year, because I actually got my act together early.

And good news: there’s still plenty of time for YOU to get your basket together, too!

A New Spin on the Easter “Basket”

You’ll notice that this isn’t a traditional basket that will take up awkward space in your closet for the next 364 days.

Nope. This is a mixing bowl, but not just any mixing bowl: it was specifically designed for kids’ hands.

The color is a vibrant blue, and there’s silicone on the bottom, so it won’t slip and slide around when they’re using it.

Truth be told, I use this bowl more than often, because I like it so much. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe (insert praising hands emoji here).

The Easter Basket: Fill it with Fun

Since I didn’t procrastinate this year, I headed to Target’s One Spot, because when you’re playing Easter Bunny for three kids, those little things to fill it with start to add up. I got bubbles, some fun activity book for outside, some candy, and some little grow-your-own flowers.

I also have the following books on their way from Amazon (because when the Easter Bunny used to visit me, he always left a book, so I’m continuing that tradition).

For the 2 year old: Go, Dog. Go!
For the 4 year old: You’re My Little Cuddle Bug
For the 6 year old: Precious Moments Little Book of Prayers

Fun Cookie Cutters

Their baskets will also have these fun cookie cutters in them.

There’s an Under the Sea collection, and Easter bunch, and (not pictured) a fun Emoji set.

My kids have had the Emoji cookie cutters for a couple years already, and they actually use it with play-doh more than we do for cookies. That’s why that little kid’s rolling pin is in the basket, too.

This pack of play-doh would be awesome for the basket, too.

I love practical gifts, and these are long lasting and fun for more than just one occasion.

What Does Your Easter Basket Look Like?

Your turn! Do you procrastinate or is your basket already figured out? Which cookie cutter set do you have your eye on?


  1. Ummm I LOVE this!!! Will definitely be implementing some of these ideas for my 3 year old this year. The mixing bowl is genius!

  2. This is way too cute. I LOVE that the “basket” is a bowl that will be reused in the kitchen. Not only does this encourage baking (a family fave activity) but also minimizes clutter in your home because the bowl is useful and not going to get stored away in the deep dark corners of the basement until next spring like baskets. YES to this, awesome easter basket idea!

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