Stitch Fix: March Box

Special thanks for Stitch Fix for sponsoring this post by waiving the style fee on this box!

I’m not going to lie to you: 15 minutes before I took these pictures and posted some stories on Instagram, I actually told my friend and husband that I didn’t feel like a woman lately. Not literally, of course…just figuratively.

I couldn’t remember the last time I put on makeup, my hair was pretty much stuck in a permanent messy bun—again—and, thanks to “that time of the freaking month” I’ve just been feeling very blah.

Awesome shirt from Twinkle, Twirl, and Sass

But I also knew I wanted to share this Stitch Fix box with everyone (because, spoiler alert: I loved it), so I spent a whopping 15 minutes getting ready. I put some makeup on, sprayed dry shampoo in my hair, curled some strands, and slapped on some lipstick. And, y’all. I seriously feel like a new person right now.

Anyway…this box! This isn’t my first Stitch Fix box, but it is the first one I’m finally blogging about, because I really liked it and I feel like I finally have a good stylist; I need to figure out how to keep her!

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is basically your own personal styling service. After you sign up you fill out a style profile about everything you like and dislike. Then, you’re matched to a stylist who handpicks pieces based on your style, size, taste, and budget. Keep what you love, and return the rest in the bag they provide.

It’s for everyone! They carry women’s clothes (0-3XL), men’s, kids, and maternity.

Okay, but how much?

There’s a $20 “styling” fee, but you can apply the 20 bucks to anything you decide to keep. And if you keep the whole shebang, you get 25% off your entire purchase.

It’s not a subscription, so you can cancel whenever you want, or you can schedule it to come regularly…whether that’s weekly, once a month, every other month, or seasonally.

My Stitch Fix Haul

I told my stylist we have an upcoming cruise, and that I’d like some versatile pieces for warm weather and chilly mornings/evenings, and she totally delivered.

AUGUST MIST | Kathalia Split Neck Knit Top $34

Oh, I saw this and got excited, because it’s totally something I’d never buy for myself. I never thought I looked good in yellow, so I always steered clear. But the polka dots make it fun, and the almost-sheer material makes it a little flirty! It’s casual, comfortable, flattering, and I’m totally keeping it!

STS BLUE | Neve Fray Hem Distressed Skinny Jean $59

I’m in between sizes right now, which I’m pretty sure is one of the most annoying first world problem things in a woman’s life. But when I put these on, they fit like a glove, and I felt—dare I say it?—a little sexy and so put together!

These are keepers for sure, and while they fit perfect in the waist right now, I’m almost tempted to buy a size smaller, too. I can’t wait for our next date night!

TOMS | Monica Fabric Espadrille Wedge $80

The price tag on this one is a little on the steep side ($80) despite the fact that I actually like these. They’re comfy and they fit, which can always be a challenge with shoes.

I have one more day to decide if I’d wear these enough to warrant spending this much on them (leaning towards no). Even though I love that TOMS gives a pair of shoes to someone in need when you buy a pair, I don’t now if I can justify getting them because of that.

MARKET & SPRUCE | Zaza Open Cardigan $58

This cardigan is exactly what I asked for (something to keep me warm when it’s chilly out), but for $58 I think I need a little something more—pockets or maybe a smidgen lighter shade of blue to make it really pop.

I had to think about what I’d wear it with, and I came up kinda short. Sadly, this one will be returned. (Although, the more I look at this picture the more i like it…)

PAPERMOON | Paulita Lace Overlay Knit Top $44

I love the color and the split in the back, but that’s not enough to make me keep this. There’s a fun flower print on the overlay; I just wish the neckline was different to make it a little more flattering.

What would YOU pick?

Have you tried Stitch Fix before? What would you pick from this haul? Wanna give it a shot? Use this link to get your first Stitch Fix box! I truly love that I can shop from my house and that every piece was picked for me!


  1. awwwee. you look great in that mixed patterned yellow outfit! Stitch Fix looks like a great service for busy moms. I will have to give it a try!

  2. CUTE clothes! I’ve used a subscription clothes service before, & it is SO fun! I have a hard time justifying some purchases because I’m a stay at home mom, so I don’t *need anything fancy…but now with the seasons changing, I may go back & try again. Fun box!

    1. That’s the same issue i’ve had in the past, but then when I do get a box it reminds me that I used to like wearing nicer things, and I feel like it makes me appreciate my clothes (the new ones especially).

  3. Yes to all the before thoughts. I have those on a daily basis. My dry shampoo, or hair deodorant as my husband calls it, was working hardcore this morning. I loved the yellow polka dot top! What a cute look.

  4. Love the outfits on you – they look casual but fun and trendy. Wonder if this is available in Canada? I need to get out of my SAHM style funk.

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