Logan’s Homecoming

Soooooo….this post is two years too late. Sorry, not sorry. When people ask me what it’s like having three kids I usually say it’s busier, and this is a prime example of how things I want to do, and meant to do, get pushed aside.

Before Logan was born (you can read his birth story here) I hired my friend, Chrissy Walther Photography, to capture Logan’s first moments with a “Fresh 48” shoot just after he arrived.

A Fresh 48, in case you’re not familiar, is a photo shoot taken within 48 hours of birth when they’re all super squishy, adorably sleepy, and when the mom is still (typically) in that post-birth, euphoric haze.

I didn’t do anything like that with the girls, and thought it would be so special to capture their reactions to meeting him for the first time since they were over the moon about having a baby brother.

But then he got sick immediately after he was born, and he spent his first week in the NICU getting antibiotics.

And it just so happened that his birth was right in the middle of RSV season, so the girls could only see him through a tiny little window, and they only allowed immediate family in the room with him, so having our photographer come in was also out of the question.

Thankfully, Chrissy graciously changed her schedule, and captured the moment when the girls officially got to meet him on the day he came home.

And oh, how special it was. They were over the moon.

For the next hour or so we just enjoyed being home as a family of five while Chrissy snapped away in the background.

I loved how gentle and sweet the girls were with him.

They’re still like that, actually. They treat him like a little precious doll.

I was always terrified of having more than one kid, and definitely not three of them, because how in the world would I get anything done?

Well, it turns out that older siblings are pretty great helpers…most of the time.

Actually, did you know that I never thought I wanted a boy.

In fact I was scared out of my mindd of having a boy when I was pregnant for the first time. But Logan? Logan changed everything. He’s made our family complete, and we adore him.

Chrissy, thank you so much for capturing these for our family. It may have been several hours after our “Fresh 48 Session” that we originally planned for, but I love them just as much!

Photography by Chrissy Walther Photography
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