Date Night at a San Diego Baseball Game

The last time my husband and I went to a baseball game we had three kids in tow. We looked at each other roughly 179 times during that game, and had a lengthy conversation without saying a word. Long story short: we both longed to just be able to sit and enjoy the game with each other instead of keeping our three under five from going crazy.

Don’t get me wrong: baseball games with kids can be super fun, especially at Petco Park, but we decided right then and there that we’d make it a priority to go back for a date night.

Because sometimes you actually just want to sit down, have some good game food and a beer, and enjoy the game.

Special thanks to the San Diego Padres for complimentary tickets in exchange for this post.

So if you get a chance to steal a night away from the kids for a date night, here are some ways to make the most of your night at Petco Park to watch the San Diego Padres.

Find a Theme Night

First things first: find a fun theme night. Since we were having dinner at the stadium we jumped for joy when Taco Tuesday aligned with our plans (and said a quick thank you to the babysitter gods for letting our sitter be available).

Every home game on a Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at Petco Park, and that means $2.50 tacos!!!!

So here’s the deal: There are SEVEN different tacos to try around the concourse, but some of the stands double up, so make sure you’e standing in line for one you haven’t had yet.

You can get up to four tacos per person, and they. are. GOOD. Like really good. We only made it to four of the seven, but I can’t stop thinking about that burgandy tri-tip taco we ate; it was seriously amazing.

Wear Padres Colors

Okay, okay…this was a total rookie mistake on my part, so don’t make the same mistake.

I knew the Padres’ colors included dark blue, but seeing as how I don’t own navy, I just wore a blue (teal) shirt instead, thinking it was “close enough,” and I grabbed the first baseball cap I found, which happened to be a teal and gray color.

Well, it turns out we were playing the Seattle Mariners…whose colors are “silver” and “northwest green,” which really just looks like gray and a dark teal.

I went into full panic mode, walking around feeling like a fraud until I found the perfect Padres-approved shirt for me. Here’s a cute one if you have time to get one before heading to the ballpark.

I spent more than I ever would on a top, but I love it, and I’ve already worn it enough times for it to be worth it. Plus, I didn’t feel like a fish out of water amongst the other Padres fans.

Pro tip: If you want to cozy up to your date a little more, bring a small blanket. Once the sun dips below the stands it can get a bit chilly. We saw more than a few people snuggling with blankets.

Bring Cash

Especially if you’re there on Taco Tuesday, just bring fives and tens with you.

There wasn’t any tax on the tacos, so for two tacos it was an easy $5. The lines are long, but they move quickly, mostly due to people using exact change.

If you’re on a date, don’t waste your time waiting for your card to go through—be prepared to get in and out quickly (so to speak, of course).

The concession stands are top notch at Petco Park with local eats from popular restaurants around the city. But that also means lengthy lines in between innings.

Do yourself a favor and know what you want when it’s your turn to order, and have cash so you can get back to the game faster.

Go for a (Romantic) Stroll

Petco Park wasn’t named the number one baseball stadium in the country for nothing!

Go for a stroll around the stadium and see all it has to offer. The entire experience is so much fun, and the ambiance is totally even romantic in several places. The greenery everywhere, the palm trees swaying outside the park? It’s just delightful.

And yeah…you can even stop and smell the (literal) flowers!

Get on the Big Screen

Don’t forget to take a selfie while you’re in your seats and use the #FriarFaithful to have a chance to see your cute faces up on the big screen.

Enjoy the Game!

But most of all, have fun and enjoy the game.

Cheer along with the Padres, and mingle with the crowd around you—or don’t mingle and just snuggle up with your date once the sun sets.

There’s so much to take in, and it’s even better spending the evening with your favorite person.

Have you been on a date to a Padres game before?

What’s your favorite thing about a date night at a Padres game?

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