First Care Package

I had grand plans for the first care package we’d send my husband during this deployment.

It’d be perfectly curated with pictures, art, and crafts from the kids, so he could decorate his space and brighten his day. I also wanted it to be there when he stepped foot in his new home away from home.

But if you’ve been following along…the last couple months have been a wee bit busy over here. So I changed my type-a plans, scrapped all the personal crafts I had in mind, and just filled it with stuff he’d like (and a few things he forgot to take with him).

To make it a little special, at the very least, I gave both girls some colored paper and colored pencils and told them to color/draw/write something special on it for their Papa. Then I taped those sheets of paper the the flaps of the box.

Inside the First Care Package

I’m not gonna lie; this wasn’t a pretty box; I basically just threw everything in it so the movers wouldn’t pack it.

There weren’t any homemade cookies inside this first care package—those will come later—but we did put a couple packs of Oreos (he said these were AWESOME, by the way), because those are awesome and I figured they’d travel well (they did). He also loves trail mix, so we put some in the box, too.

The girls made a couple random drawings to send him, so those got tossed in, plus, I printed out almost 100 pictures at Costco so he could go through and pick his favorites to hang up. But I forgot to send tape for him to actually hang them up, whoops).

And that concludes his first box. Mission accomplished?

Here’s hoping his next box may be a little more put together, but if not…there will always be Oreos to fall back on!


  1. You’re doing great, and you’ll get through this! It’s the thought that counts, right? I bet he loved the box, too.

  2. I love it. This is the first time I’ve read your blogs and I love them! Thank you for sharing your life. I am sure he absolutely loved his care package. Great idea sending the pictures! Hope you’re rocking today! ❤️

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