Where we ate in Oahu: Poke Bar

We didn’t have any dinner plans for our first night in Hawaii, which was a problem, because I went from zero to hangry in a matter of minutes thanks to the time change.

We literally wandered around the area looking at different restaurants for probably a good hour before going to one of the first places we saw: Poke Bar.

Poke Bar
Two thumbs up from the husband

I love me some sushi—love it! But this was my first dip into poke bowls, and now I’m obsessed.

My favorite part about the Poke Bar was that it was Subway style…you could build your bowl just the way you wanted it.

Poke Bar

We got a little of this, some of that, and got to customize it just the way we liked.

It may have looked like a pile of mush, but the flavors? Oh my, every bite was like an explosion of delight.

Poke Bar

My only regret is that we didn’t eat here again; we talked about it a few times, and suggested it to friends, but in the end we decided to try other places on the island for other meals.

Are You a Fan of Poke Bowls?

Have you had a poke bowl? Love it? Hate ’em? There are several Poke Bars around the country, so see if you can try one out soon!

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