A Halloween Care Package

It’s been a little while—five months, actually‚ since I’ve shared a look at what we’re sending my husband, so I had to show you a quick look at the halloween care package my husband got the other day.

We’ve been sending him at least one—sometimes two—every month. They haven’t been fancy, and almost always include coffee and/or cookies along with artwork from the kids, and/or things he needs.

We sent this out at the beginning of October, and it took a full two weeks to get to him. I was hoping he’d get it in time to decorate his room or office…if he so desired.

Dollar Store for the win!

I got the majority of the decorations at the Dollar Store. The girls already had construction paper, so I cut black paper out and taped it to the box flaps, and then told them to go to town “decorating” it with Halloween stickers.

I found a fake dollar pumpkin, and some felt “face” shapes so he could decorate his own pumpkin. It’s cheesy, but sending a real pumpkin was probably out of the question.

Then I weaved orange and black “fancy” dollar store tulle-ish material through all the things in the box, and included a few spider webs that he can put up.

We also got a few fun pumpkin and halloween things to send him. Cookies, coffee, and tea (the usual characters that always appear in his boxes), and a few other fun things, as wall as art and letters from the kids that we place on top before sealing it all up.

And if you have spider webs you need to have spiders, so we through some of those in there, too.

I’d love to send more, but those flat rate boxes are getting smaller and smaller, so we get what fits and go from there.

Pro tip: you can get flat rate boxes mailed to your door for free! Request some here.

The kids had fun putting it together; they thought it was a masterpiece even though I’m sure we could’ve been way more creative.

My only goal is to make my husband smile when he opens these, and that he’ll like whatever he gets.

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